Sexual Jihad

Jihadists asked for Muslim women’s bodies where they could dump their semen. Since then Muslim women have been offering their bodies for sex to comfort jihadists. Brainless bodies agreed to be fucked. They don’t mind to become sex slaves of Jihadists. They believe they are joining jihad by comforting jihadists and it is the way to please Allah the almighty. The jihadists need whores on earth and hoors in heaven.(Pink virgins of heaven are called hoors in Arabic.) These jihadists are expert in two things: Fucking and killing.

Muslim women from Tunisia, Australia, UK, Malaysia went to Syria and Iraq for sexual jihad. Many came back home as pregnant.


The world wouldn’t change until men stop violence and women stop stupidity.


  1. gautam deka says

    thank u taslima nasreen creating a awareness among women. muslim woman must educated n aware the so call jehadis nonchance things. they wl destroy humanity destroy culture n top of that destroy self respect of woman.

  2. innocnt1 says

    How can these women b so foolish…..A person who toches your body without your consent must b retailiated nd punished….no matter what he/she represents or fights for………This gesture on d part of Muslim women z highly condemnable nd shameful especially in an era when many have struggled for Individual liberty……do not know what d hell these women will achieve by serving themselves as objects to those for whom they r no more than loaves of meat….:(

  3. Prick says

    The brain of women is in their three holes, which needs to be filled constantly by pricks. Why are you against their wishes?

    • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

      Aptly named Prick. I do not think things are as you say they are.

      Or that you actually have any clue what women wish for. Beyond, maybe, not you.

    • Jeanette says

      Hey prick, thank you for showing the world how hateful and misogynistic you are. Actually, you really do represent how tons and tons of men really do feel about women. Misogyny is a large worldwide disease and mindset that will never, ever go away. Because of ” men” like you, who think of women as not human beings, but mere holes to be fucked, we will never be seen as anything but that. Taslima created this blog for a reason, and you, with your ridiculous and ignorant comments simply do not belong here. Why even bother? Thanks for showing your true colors regarding how you feel about us women. Thanks to pigs like you, and your pathetic mindset (which all of you guys share), women shall never be treated as equals in my lifetime and beyond. Alas, more and more women are realizing how hateful the world is for us, and there is no sugar coating it anymore. Its a worldwide epidemic – rape, assault, murder, kidnapping, sexual harassment, street harassment, murder by women’s husbands and boyfriends, etc etc. And thanks to the patriarchs of the world, we cannot legally even defend ourselves by carrying a weapon. So fuck you and your misogyny. I’d like to see you deal with all of the shit we have to deal with on a daily basis. We are indeed the stronger sex, and always have been.

  4. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Thanks Taslima for so clearly stating the confronting and awful reality. I couldn’t agree more here.

    Off topic sorry, but there’s a poll here that badly needs Pharyngulating if someone could please put this on PZ Myers blog? :

    Do you believe global warming is man-made?

    Currently : Yes = 38,031 vs No = 32,450

    I’d post it there myself if I could but unfortunately I can’t.

    • UJJAL says

      …. indecent action needs to be described in appropriate indecent words which ‘ toslima’ ( that’s quite an illiterate religious spelling and pronunciation ) has done.
      @ Musa – the religious book is filled with even more indecent words and actions.

    • Abhishek says

      hey u ibrahim .u r simply a dumb head wicked fellow.wat u knw abot d theat dis world possesses withISIS. u can never imagine wat wud happen if d same group attacks ur country. ur relatives ..ur sisters ..will b killed or may b raped before killing.wat kind of trumatic religion u want to follow.did angel say dis to do in ur Quran.u can never imagine d crisis of people who r in capture of dese jihadis .open d lid of ur mind n come out of ur dream of makin dis whole world a Islamic state.who r dey to descide how n which path we choose fr going to heaven.dese all jihadis must die n burn in fire of hell till the judgement day for their deeds.killing is a serious offence in any religion.what dese dumb head jihadis think r dey doin….dey r simply going to face the wrath of allah for whom they think they are working for.

  5. j says

    Hi Taslima,

    My name is Mike and I live in the U.S. I just stumbled upon your blog via the Freethought blogs. I just wanted to take a moment to express my admiration for your commitment to the virtues of independence and rationality, of secularism and humanism. I commend you for having the courage to speak out against injustice time and time again, even at great risk to your own welfare. Your story is inspirational. I hope that someday soon conditions will be safe for you to live in the open, as anyone should have the right to do. Thank you again and “god” bless! I wish you the very best!


  6. UJJAL says

    Religion has made these women brainless happy whores. This is maximum these religious women minds could think best to do. Death penalty of whores are in the religious book itself. Awarding the rapist as a husband for being a whore is also in the religious book.

  7. Clairz says

    Thank you for highlighting this issue, Taslima. I honestly wonder what madness is in the air that women will do this.

    I am sad that you are getting such repulsive trolls posting replies here.


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