Islamic State or ISIS terrorists destroyed many historical monuments and ancient shrines in Iraq. Here they are destroying the shrine of prophet Seth, Adam and Eve’s 3rd son. Seth is the prophet of Jews, Christians and Muslims. A few days ago they blew up prophet Jonah’s tomb which was built in the 8th century BCE. Jonah was the prophet of Jews and Muslims. Islamic terrorists do not like anyone to worship shrines or tombs. I don’t give a damn about religious buildings. What I care for is history, art and architecture. Islamists like to blow up almost everything. They declared they would demolish Kaaba. I am eagerly waiting for that day when Kaaba would be demolished. Muslims have been, so far, silent. They are rather crying for Palestinians that are killed by Israel, but they don’t shed a tear for fellow Muslims who get killed everyday in Syria and Iraq.

All killings are cruel. Aren’t they? Instead of condemning ISIS terrorists, why do Muslims support them? Is it because they created Islamic Caliphate? Will Muslims be safe under Islamic Caliphate? Christians were thrown out of Iraq. Shias got killed. All other Islamic sects, and all other people of different faith would get killed. Sunnis who are liberal would not be spared. Atheists will definitely be dead. Land of Islam will be ghost land or land of zombies. The air will be there with the smell of dead bodies. Water would taste deadbodies, people would look like deadbodies.


  1. lorn says

    Sounds like ISIS needs to read a certain Dale Carnegie book on how to win friends and influence people. They seem bound and determined to create as many hard core enemies as possible. IMHO fundamentalist, of every stripe, tend to create their own hateful little worlds where everyone on the outside hates them as everyone on the inside claw each other apart trying compete to be the most righteous.

    That was good video but I would encourage the news reader in that video to practice, read the script out loud a few times to smooth things out before settling on the final version, and to research any words she doesn’t know how to pronounce. With a bit of practice and patience she would undoubtedly improve. That said, I think she has a good voice for that sort of work and the report is certainly both useful and informative even though the delivery was a distraction.

  2. Ed says

    OK this is where ISIS is not only horrifying but baffling. They want to destroy Islamic shrines including the Kaaba? Since when has this been part of even the fringes of Islam? Muslims may oppose activities involving shrines that they think cross the line into idolatry.They may be hostile to certain shrines particular to a rival sect.

    But hostility to tombs of prophets and —especially— to the Kaaba is simply not an historically Muslim thing. There’s the whole praying in the direction of Mecca custom for example! Otherwise, the Wahabis (the strictest sect) would have torn down Mecca.

    A Muslim guy I worked with came back from his pilgrimage the happiest I’d ever seen him, told stories about it to anyone who would listen and put a screen saver on his computer of pilgrims at the Kaaba. Such enthusiasm for important shrines, especially THE top one is a sign of being a good Muslim anywhere in the world.

    ISIS is simply going to alienate everyone and the sooner the better. The No True Scotsman argument isn’t a complete fallacy in their case. They are in the process of founding something other than recognisable Islam–though keeping all of its worst traits, of course. If they become an ahistorical cult, their claim to be a Caliphate will be ridiculous. Unless they gain the power to start an enduring schism, which is a depressing thought.

  3. Jockaira says

    It’s an historical fact that Muslims, after invading, conquering, and occupying new territory destroy all remnants of previous civilisations giving particular attention to shrines, temples and any other structures with competing religious purposes. It’s been documented (by Muslim authorities) that victorious Muslims destroyed more than 7,000 Hindu temples during their reign of terror in India.
    Their modern-day fixation on destroying temples dedicated to Prophets revered by Muslims can most likely be asigned to the Wahhabiists, the most extreme of Muslim fundmentalists, who have a virtual lock on the government and people of Saudi Arabia enforced by stringent laws against deviation from literal belief in the Qur’ân. This extends even to the acknowledged grave of Muhammed in the city of Medina, the exact location of which is otherwise kept from the public.
    As a social meme, the eradication of structures antithetical to Islam is very effective. After a generation of two, no one even remembers what used to be there, especially since a mosque is usually built upon the site.

  4. Jay says

    Why blame only ISIS? What about the Saudi regime demolishing parts of Mecca and Madina historical mosques to accommodate more people and build luxurious hotels, malls, a fake Big Ben (rather a Bigger Ben) and shops for Paris Hilton lingerie? These people have no cultural roots and can be best described as goons and thugs!

  5. NagalingamLakshminarayan says

    Destruction of any relics which can not be recreated must be condemned and deter ant and heavy punishment must be given to the vandalists

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