Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins


Islamists force women to wear veils. Now they force shopkeepers to cover the faces of mannequins, the female body models that are used for displaying clothes. Islamic penises get erected seeing almost anything. I don’t understand why they are bothered with their erections, they can easily masturbate whenever they want. Allah doesn’t like men to masturbate or what? This is too bad. Allah should know some body science.

Not only ISIS /ISIL/ IS terrorists warned shopkeepers about mannequin veils, they did more stupid things.

The group actually banned mannequins entirely from shops in its northern Syria stronghold of Raqa earlier this year, and forbid men and women from shopping together unless they were related.

A shopkeeper who sells women’s underwear told Reuters he’s been asked to stop his trade and leave it to women..

The Islamic terrorists hate women so much, I wonder, whether they will at all enjoy making love with so many pink virgins everyday for eternity! If they don’t enjoy sex in heaven, what would they really enjoy? Wine? They have tasted no wine on earth. I don’t think they would even like to drink wine in heaven. They love terrorizing people. They love killing. They have been killing in order to go to heaven. I don’t think Allah will allow them to kill anyone in heaven. In that situation, I am worried, they will find heaven feels like hell.


  1. Tamil Arasan says

    Oh I see – I saw this in my home town Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu where in Muslim dominated area they covered the mannequins face with devil mask or covered it with handkerchief only showing the eyes…!! believe me those are male mannequins…!! – next time when I go to that place and if i get a chance I will take photos and will send you madam…!! from the day I saw those mannequins face i was wondering the reason – now I got the answer for it…!!

    • Some Pig says

      I wonder if it’s considered worse to mess with male mannequins than female mannequins. Then again men can dance with each other in some places, but not dance with women. Are the mannequins punished by stoning?

  2. DsylexicHippo says

    Just curious: why would wine which is haraam on earth be okay in heaven? Also, how disappointing would it be for them if instead of 72 virgins, they get a 72 year old virgin instead.

    • says

      Just curious: why would wine which is haraam on earth be okay in heaven?

      …. and how do they know that wine tastes good, if they’ve never had it? It might taste like goat’s piss, for all they know, right?

      • DsylexicHippo says

        I guess for the same reason that it is safe to say that most people would like chocolate the first time they try it? Okay, wine may not be in same category as chocolate but you get my point.

        Come to think of it, white wine does taste like goat piss (I am assuming that that’s zero in your taste chart – are there other animals in it?), though red is quite the opposite.

  3. Sidhu says

    Every male who is born in a “Muslim” family is treated as a representative and should propagate (religion), without even knowing the child’s interests……………? Performing circumcision is the worst part on small children………….Its just a crap!!!!!!!

  4. busterggi says

    I suppose that next they’ll be orcering all mountains to be leveled so as not to look like breasts.

  5. Jeanette says

    Why do innocent women and girls have to cover their bodies when its clearly the men’s fault for not being able to control their penises? Clearly they are thinking with their little smelly head rather than their big one! But, as usual, blame the WOMEN for THEIR stupid, perverted issues!

    • grace says

      Right on! Decent Muslim men are men. These IS terrorists etc have penis envy. Either it’s small, they can’t get it up without rape involved or they’ve never pleasured a woman ever! Castrate the lot of them. Clip the rot so they can’t continue to rape and breed!

  6. jenny6833a says

    “Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins”

    Similarly, textile American penises get erected seeing totally non-sexual photos of women without clothes. In both cases it’s because they’ve been taught that they should, that they aren’t real men if they don’t.

    Jeanette says

    “Why do innocent women and girls have to cover their bodies when its clearly the men’s fault for not being able to control their penises?”

    You’re speaking of textile men. Nudist men aren’t like that. Males raised nudist never have the problem. Males who come to nudism as adults find, with a small percentage of exceptions, that they can unlearn the societal teachings in a very short time.

    It’s not at all difficult to discern the difference between sexual and non-sexual nudity.

  7. Ed says


    Outside a nudist setting I’d distinguish between incidental arousal at the sight of a nice looking person’s body of the sex one is attracted to and automatically thinking that the person is being seductive ( or that the work of art is intended as erotica) and responding as if that were true.

    Religious modesty freaks and (often but not always the same people) voyeur types can’t imagine a non-sexual reason to not be wearing much. This is mainly directed at women because of straight male sexuality being privileged.

    An obvious day to day example in a more or less modern society would be both men and women on a summer day wearing shorts and a T shirt or tank top. Both are doing so for the simple reason that it’s the most comfortable thing for the weather, but creeps will interpret the women’s style of dress as some kind of erotic display. But they’d go ballistic if they thought a gay man found them similarly attractive.

    Very conservative environments with fundamentalist Islam being the most extreme example, take it a few hundred steps further.

  8. Prick says

    I had a boner seeing the petite beautiful faces of these mannequins. How would it feel to be in their hot mouths if they were alive.


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