1. soogeeoh says

    Hm, would pigs really be safe?
    I mean, does the view pig = dirty not make it easier to … see them as lesser and treat them badly?

  2. bibekanand says

    no one is safe from no one.until we realize dat religion is for d rockage.there is only one religion in dis world,nd dats humanity.r we ready to accept dat.if we r den we are safe.this varity of religion has made d world bad to worse.
    as a nonbelvr i get insulted all d time when wit frnds.but i hav nothing to say to dem. . .its up to him nw.
    the creator.
    the GOD.
    who kns dat we r all idiots,making our own rules to use d helpless.

  3. Jockaira says

    Actually even pigs aren’t “safe” in an Islamic state. Though pigs are not halal or kosher, they are still raised and used by the Christian underclasses, and in some cases raised by Muslims to be sold to Christians. Because pigs are considered filthy vermin by Muslims they are not usually required to be killed by a “merciful” slashing of the throat, but instead are killed by any means available including, counterproductively, being neglected to death by witholding of water or food. Pigs, along with other food beasts and many other animals usually suffer inhumane treatment under Muslim care. The treatment of pigs in an Islamic state can only be considered barbarously callous and frequently purposefully cruel.
    But then look at the ways Muslims treat Infidels, polytheists, apostates, and even other Muslims.

    • Jeanette says

      Look at the way Muslims and extremists treat PEOPLE (non believers) in general. They will have no problem murdering innocent animals like pigs. I do not eat swine and meat. I loathe the way that cows are treated. “Humane,” and “killing” just do not go together. With so many vegetarian options out there is really no reason to murder innocent animals to eat them. This is my opinion.

  4. NagalingamLakshminarayan says

    As a religion Islam is based. On sound and fundamental ethical principles. It abhors alcohol adultry and made charity and prayers mandatory besides advocating universal Brotherhood In Tamilnadu there was one professor by name Periardasan a staunch. Atheist and popular speaker embraced Islam when he crossed 60 years He told that he read quaran and Hadith for over ten years to take to Islam He changed his name to Abduzperiardasan He lived as a Muslim two or three years Before becoming Muslim He was a Budhist for five years with the name ofSiddarth He was a rationalist criticising all religions why I dwell at length about him is that there is some canons of Islam attracted a hare core rationalist What are they Incidently in our State there had been no communal conflict There are many Muslim scholars in Tamil language and leading poet in tamil is Kavikko Abdul Rehman If one realises Love is GOD compassion is religion and treat others as you would like to be treated

  5. NagalingamLakshminarayan says

    In my previous the last sentence is to concluded thus. There would be no room for fanatism fundamentalism and conflict in the world

  6. says

    I drew a cartoon where Islamic State were turned into pigs and camels, which was kind of tough on them, especially as pigs are ‘unclean’ animals. They managed to keep fighting a they still stood upright and had hands.

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