Cruelty, thy name is sharia


A Sri Lankan woman is facing decapitation with a sword on a witchcraft charge in Saudi Arabia.  A Saudi man said that   his 13-year-old daughter  suddenly started acting strange after seeing a  Sri Lankan woman in a shopping mall.  The Sri Lankan woman was accused  of casting a spell on his daughter. Police  arrested the woman. The punishment for practicing  witchcraft  and sorcery  in Saudi Arabia is, beheading.  Two  persons were beheaded on witchcraft charges last year.  Sharia, or Islamic law, is the basis of the legal system in Saudi Arabia  The number of execution is increasing in the country. In  2010,  26 people were executed. In  2011, it was  76.’

Watch how people get  beheaded in  public places.  Eight Bangladeshi men were beheaded last year.   They say Allahu Akbar, Allah  is Great loudly while  beheading.   An Indonesian maid was beheaded not long ago. They enjoy beheading  people with a sharp  sword. Hateful, revengeful, venomous god-lovers are not prevented from continuing  their unethical and inhuman practices of Islam. We witness cruelty everyday but we shut our mouth  because  it is not politically correct to oppose  Islamic barbarism!





  1. Robert B. says

    And so we see why the law (like so many other things) needs skepticism and truth, not religion and prejudice. What better argument could there be?

  2. says

    So…if there’s someone you want to get rid of, all you have to do is get your child to act weird around her, accuse her of witchcraft, and voila? Is that it?

  3. seditiosus says

    Just once, I’d like to read something about Saudi Arabia that doesn’t make me fear for the future of humanity. Come on Saudi Arabia, surely that’s not too much to ask?

  4. truthboy says

    Fuck those bustd! God is nthing! All god is just a fuckin shit! Fuck Allah! Fuck Crist! Fuck Krishna…

  5. interrobang says

    I don’t know who you think is stopping you from opposing “Islamic barbarism,” because it seems like all I hear every damn day is an unending flow of “All Muslims are evil because…”, which oddly enough, never seems to apply collectively to the members of any of the other Abrahamic religions, no matter what barbaric weirdnesses subsets of their membership get up to. In fact, I’d say it’s practically politically correct to hate on Muslims collectively, and anybody who dares to point out that Sharia means different things in different places is likely to get stepped on.

    But YMMV. Go ahead, keep on hating on all Muslims everywhere because they’re Muslim; all the kewl kids are doing it.

    Which is not to say that I disagree with the point that Saudi Arabia is a brutal, barbaric place, but there are lots of other brutal, barbaric places which somehow manage to be so without Islam…and I also wonder how much preIslamic traditions figure into things Westerners consider brutal and barbaric and also associated with Islam, like, say FGM (which is practiced in northern Africa among lots of cultures, including Christians, and predates Islam’s existence there, and seems to have gotten exported from there to the Middle East by the Muslims).

    Culture is horrible at times, and you can use any religion to justify any barbaric cultural practice you like.

    • Stevarious says

      Hmmm… The article I read denounced the sharia law that requires a woman to be beheaded for an imaginary crime. I just scrolled back up and I can’t see a thing that suggests that ALL Muslims are responsible for this crime, or that such horrifying crimes are unique to Islam.

      But you go ahead and pretend that was what the article was about. It seems to make you feel better.

    • Martyn N Hughes says

      @ interrobang;

      It’s not muslims we oppose. It’s Islam or Islamism in particular.

      You didn’t read the article properly. This piece was about Saudi Arabia’s ‘brand’ of Sharia.

      You can’t defend it. Sharia is what Sharia does. And we’ve all seen what it does.


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