1. Bruce says

    Trump won’t appeal until right before the deadline to appeal. His best strategy is to just delay everything for the rest of his life.

  2. wsierichs says

    Seriously, we will have to go through the appellate process, Trump’s supporters getting violent in some times/places, threats against the judge, jurors and prosecutors, and many other serious problems ahead.

    All I can say in response is: Yeeeeessssss!!!!!!

    If I could insert emoticons, they would be a lonnnngggg string of fireworks!

  3. file thirteen says

    The sentencing will be interesting. SSACFT definitely won’t get a reduction for remorse. Not sure it can be justified to say it’s a first offence either.

  4. Tethys says

    It is the felons first conviction, unbelievably. However, I think the civil convictions for defamation and business FRAUD are going to count heavily against any trumpy claims of being a fine upstanding citizen except for this one incident.

    It’s a good night in America. It only took the jury 9 hours of deliberation to come back with a unanimous guilty verdict.

  5. says

    Something I heard from a legal observer on TV tonight (5/30) is that the ten counts of contempt may weigh on the sentencing decision. I would so love to see this malignant psychopath in cuffs, hobbling along in an orange jump suit.

  6. kenny256 says

    i can’t wait to go to his rally and hear him rant about Clinton, and the crowd roars--“Lock her Up, Lock her Up”

  7. John Morales says

    A precedent has already been set, no matter the sentencing outcome.

    A historic first.

  8. lanir says

    I sort of hope I’m wrong but I feel like this case and Trump’s other legal woes might serve better as a deterent than a precedent.

    Trump has been more public than most people like him and he’s also been more openly inept and incompetent than other rich people. He has a very visible trail of failed ventures and fraudulent businesses behind him. Reporting about how he lied, committed fraud, and attacked people has been well known and well sourced for many years. He openly mused about murdering someone in public and getting away with it. Then he tried to steal the whole country.

    Even after all this, he’s been treated with kid gloves. He was found guilty but he did this stuff something like 8 years ago while he was running for president the first time. Before his obsessive delusions about crowd sizes. Think about how long you’ve been hearing about those! He wasn’t detained during the trial despite provoking the judge to do just that repeatedly.

    If I had failed at business like this and filed bankruptcy or tried to pull off such well documented crimes I would not be treated like this. There’s no way I’d be able to get a loan or to stay out of jail. And all of you are the same in this respect.

    If this is the start of rich people being held accountable like the rest of us, it’s a pretty sad start. A whole lot more needs to happen before that will mean much of anything.

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