Great moments in parenting

Nancy Wilson is described as an expert in ‘Christian parenting’ and in this clip she describes how she spanked her four-year old child so that she would learn to look happy when her mother came to pick her up from a play date.

Apart from the awful practice of spanking children, it is disturbing that she is forcing her children to express feelings of happiness at seeing her that they may not feel. She is training her children to lie to her, presumably to make the mother feel good and impress any observers present.

I read some comments to the clip that say that the clip is quite old and that the child is now an adult and supports the idea of spankings to achieve goals such as this.


  1. raven says

    Here is another great moment in Mormon parenting from Utah.

    This woman documented much of her child abuse on Youtube.
    She was finally arrested and charged with 6 counts of felony child abuse.

    Her own family members had been contacting the police and Utah CPS for years with no response.
    It’s Utah, Utah CPS is widely known inside and outside of Utah for being almost totally useless. On the west coast, California CPS thinks long and hard before sending runaways back to Utah because they don’t trust Utah CPS.

    Most deleted for length.
    Who is Ruby Franke? What to know about the mommy vlogger accused of child abuse
    NPR SEPTEMBER 1, 20234:42 PM ET
    Emily Olson

    Ruby Franke, a Utah YouTube star who has spent the last eight years dishing out parenting advice to millions of followers, was arrested Wednesday alongside her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, on suspicion of aggravated child abuse.

    YouTube vlogger Ruby Franke formally charged with 6 felony counts of child abuse
    Police said Franke’s malnourished son escaped out a window with his arms and legs covered in duct tape, fleeing to a neighbor’s house seeking food and water.

    But other concerns over 8 Passengers focused specifically on Franke and her strict parenting techniques — claims she openly abused her children in front of millions of eager viewers.

    Several other videos also show Franke threatening to take away meals as punishment.

    There are also videos of Franke threatening to cut the head off her child’s teddy bear, taking away the children’s Christmas presents and sending her oldest boy to a behavioral camp where youth spend a minimum of 49 days in the wilderness with little gear.

    The founder of the company, Jodi Hildebrandt, is a therapist who had her license suspended in 2012 after she disclosed a patient’s “porn addiction” to his Mormon church leaders, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

    Why were Franke and Hildebrandt arrested?
    Around 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Franke’s 12-year-old son climbed out of the window of Hildebrandt’s house in the city of Ivins, according to an arrest affidavit signed by a Santa-Clara Ivins Public Safety officer.

    He ran to a neighbor’s home, asking for food and water. The neighbor, noticing duct tape around the child’s ankles and wrists, called the police.

    The responding officer said the child appeared severely malnourished and had sustained “deep lacerations” from being tied up with a rope.

    The boy was transported to a local hospital while police searched Hildebrandt’s home. There, they discovered another child, Franke’s 10-year-old daughter, who appeared to be malnourished. She was also taken to the hospital.

    In total, four of Franke’s children were removed into the care of the Department of Child and Family Services, according to a press release from the Santa-Clara Ivins Public Safety Department.

    Shari later shared that she and her family were “so glad justice is being served” and had been “trying to tell the police and CPS for years about this.” She also called for help collecting links to “questionable or concerning” videos featuring her mother and shared a link to a Google doc filled with public contributions.

    Ruby Franke’s three sisters, who are also family influencers, said in a joint post that the arrest “needed to happen.”

    “For the last 3 years we have kept quiet on the subject of our sister Ruby Franke for the sake of her children. Behind the public scene we have done everything we could to try and make sure the kids were safe,” they wrote.

  2. Katydid says

    It’s a real thing in fundagelical Christian and Christian-adjacent extreme sects that the women and children must always, ALWAYS show happy, smiling faces no matter what they’re actually feeling. The men are allowed to be immature, abusive, misogynistic pigs all they want. A lot of Christian and Christian-adjacent sects are followers of the book How to Train Up a Child by Baptists Mike and Debbie Pearl, where (among other atrocities) they advise beating infants and children with plumbing line--this handbook was implicated in the deaths of several children. They also are huge fans of traumatizing babies by putting them down on a blanket and beating them if they move off the blanket. The Jim and Michelle Duggar of too-many-kids-to-count followed this book.

    Raven @1 documents another Christian (Mormon) parent whose child abuse was so egregious that she was FINALLY held accountable. Notice her sisters and some of the neighbors were aware of what was going on, but chose to do nothing to help the children. These people usually self-identify as “pro-life”.

  3. says

    I guess she didn’t realize that the whole “the beatings will continue until morale improves” was supposed to be an absurd joke.

  4. lanir says

    @rsmith #3: Unfortunately the people doing the abuse see it differently. As far as I can tell from my experience, abusers will feel empowered by abusing others. They’ll tell themselves their victims deserved it. A reason will be created and it doesn’t have to have much to do with reality. Training your victim to adopt an unrealistic paradigm where they’re to blame for the abuse they’re receiving is a standard part of grooming a victim for long term abuse. The abuser will also tell themselves that what they’re doing isn’t really abuse by comparing it to more extreme and obvious examples of abuse. If they can’t manage to hide their abuse under a fig leaf like this they’ll tell themselves they didn’t really mean to hurt their victim that badly. And they’ll tell themselves that if it was really abuse, they would be doing it more often and/or on purpose.

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