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    A friend of mine once observed that there are only three real Family Circus cartoons, and every one published is simply a variation on those three. There’s the “Not Me” did it, the one with the dotted line trail showing where one of the kids went, and I forget the third, mainly because it was such a forgettable strip.

  2. khms says

    “both sides” only in the sense that both sides are kept ignorant and divided by the powerful -- which really doesn’t sound “both sides” at all to me.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    @3 “Both sides” in that no value judgments have been made. One side openly embraces racism and fascism and threatens democracy, and that’s not the problem, the problem is just that the two sides “hate each other.” Not having it. Also, one “side” embraces and enables those billionaires.

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    @4 Adding to that, are the rich responsible for those who embrace racism and fascism? No, I don’t buy it. I grew up in rural North Dakota and so I have plenty of family members and acquaintances who are racist and fascist. Are they being “kept ignorant,” as khms suggests? No, I do not believe so. They choose to be ignorant. Some, I am sure, are not ignorant and choose to be dishonest.
    Sure, I understand that the rich are certainly going to promote ideas that keep them wealthy and discourage those that put their wealth at risk (like demonizing socialism). But I also believe their targets have to be held at least somewhat responsible for not doing their due diligence in cutting through the BS. Or for not at least being skeptical of the BS if they haven’t taken the time to examine the claims.
    As a personal example, I came of age when the topic of gay marriage was a contentious issue. I had some people ask me my thoughts and I had to say something like, “I don’t know as I haven’t given it the thought needed to have an informed opinion.” I think I was correct in taking that approach. But it seems a lot of people don’t approach things like this. Too many will form strong opinions based on low information. I feel they need to be held responsible for that.

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    sez leo buzalsky @5:

    Adding to that, are the rich responsible for those who embrace racism and fascism?

    The rich are responsible for giving hatemongers all too loud of a megaphone to broadcast their toxic propaganda, which can and does have the effect of sucking normal people down into the swamp of white supremacy and shit.

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