Get the damn vaccine before it is too late!

It seems like some people are realizing that they should have got vaccinated but it is too late. Some of these people are young who were under the misapprehension that their youth provided protection.

At least 99% of those in the US who died of coronavirus in the last six months had not been vaccinated, Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has said.

In places such as Alabama, only 33% of people who can receive the vaccine had been fully vaccinated, as of 20 July.

On Monday, a doctor in a Birmingham, Alabama, hospital, Brytney Cobia, said that all but one of her Covid patients at Grandview medical center didn’t receive the vaccine, with the one who had expected to make a full recovery after receiving oxygen, she told the Birmingham News. Several others are dying.

“I’m admitting young, healthy people to the hospital with very serious Covid infections,” wrote Cobia in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” she added, referring to patients who have to be put on a ventilator.

Alabama public health officials recently reported 96% of Alabamians who have died of Covid since April were not fully vaccinated.

In Louisiana, only 36% of eligible people have been vaccinated.

Local pharmaceutical researcher Paula Johnson put off getting the vaccine, and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance with Covid-19.

Johnson, who had no co-morbidities, told CBS News she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with Covid-19 symptoms. “I couldn’t breathe. I just – all of a sudden, my lungs just didn’t work,” she said, describing it as “hitting a wall”. Now she wants the vaccine.

Johnson now urges others not to wait. “I’d say get the vaccine, take the chance, it can’t hurt, all it can do is alleviate some of the symptoms, even if it doesn’t keep you from getting it – it will at least help you get through it,” she said.

The White House is currently debating whether to ask vaccinated Americans to wear masks again, especially in areas where the Delta variant is surging. Meanwhile, the CDC is considering updating its masking guidance.

As I said, even though I am vaccinated, I am now wearing a mask again when I am indoors with others.


  1. bmiller says

    Got in a…discussion…at another site with someone who listed all of the errors made by official medicine, including bad vaccines and the opiates crisis. “I want to do my own evaluation and research”. In response to my skepticism about my ability to do “research” he suggested medical reports are available on line.

    I remain…unconvinced. I know Big Pharma is evillllll and all that, but still….the alternatives are sketchier and most people are utterly incapable of evaluating medical research. He firmly said he can understand and evaluate his health and treatment plans. Again, I remain…skeptical.

    Which ultimately leads one to decide based on who you trust. Fox News and fundamentalist religious loons…or Big Pharma/the NHS/the medical establishment in your country.

  2. jrkrideau says

    He firmly said he can understand and evaluate his health and treatment plans.

    Does he feel as confident doing his own auto mechanics?

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    @1 bmiller: “I want to do my own evaluation and research.”

    Right. Because the typical person on the street has the prerequisite education and experience to do that evaluation (roll-eyes).
    We have some anti-5G activists in my locale who are equally unaware of their lack of qualification.

  4. mnb0 says

    @1 BMiller: “the medical establishment in your country”
    Why only your own country? Since when is the covid-virus patriottic?

  5. friedfish2718 says

    Get the damn vaccine before it is too late!
    Too late for what? Too late for whom?
    It absolutely gnaws at you that rational people have different perspective about risk, that rational people are not as fearful of the wuhan virus as you. Irrational fear of the wuhan virus (which you have) has deletrious effects on various aspects of life. Is the glass half-empty? Is the glass half-full? Half-empty and you decide on option X. Half-full and you decide on option Y. Totalitarians who decide on option X claim that only deplorables and irredeemables choose option Y.
    Why are you so totalitarian, mr singham?
    Totalitarian regimes do not last long. Maintenance of totalitarianism requires lots of energy. Totalitarianism is very exhaustive, much more exhaustive than democratic systems (which tolerate and embrace different viewpoints).
    . is not the plaform to reach the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated do not visit Totalitarian arguments carry no currency with the unvaccinated. Mr Singham is indulging in uselessness.
    (the following is a reply to a post someplace else):
    For the past 12 months the number of china deaths remain frozen at 5000 (according the CCP). And as of today, several chinese cities with populations greater than 1 million get locked down with no more than 100 positive cases. Why is the CCP persuing countless testing-lockdown cycles while the CCP admits no deaths for the past 12 months?
    The problem of doing lockdowns after a couple of positive tests is that there are always false negatives. You can isolate the positive cases (and some of these positives are false positives) but the false negatives will be spreading the virus.
    Right now, Australia is contemplating 3 consecutive negative tests before dropping self-isolation.
    The persuit of perfectionism entails the perpetual cycle of lockdowns.
    It took the WHO (World Health Organization) about 30 years to eradicate smallpox (which has a mortality rate of 20%). There were no city-wide lockdown for smallpox. The Wuhan has a mortality rate (for US, Canada, EU) of 2% overall, 0.5% for those 50 y.o. and younger. Are we to have 30 years of wuhan virus lockdowns?
    From a public health perspective, the relevant measures are hospitalizations (ICU, non-ICU) and deaths, not positive PCR tests.
    What people need is a 80% solution. A 100% solution is desirable but unaffordable. The so-called 100% solution causes more damage than the problem and can be the case of “the operation is successful but the patient died.”

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