Jordan Klepper visits the Arizona recount center

Jordan Klepper continues his exploration of that strange territory known as MAGAland by going to see what is happening at the location in Arizona where there is an ‘audit’ of the votes only in the county where Biden got a large number of votes.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    The main question that Klepper ought to ask them is “Since you’re doing all of this in secrecy and not allowing bipartisan observers, why should anyone on either side trust you?”

    What would happen if they emerge with 5000 Biden votes that are clearly forgeries, printed on paper with Chinese watermarks? Given their laughable security, it would seem reasonable for our side to assume they smuggled them in somehow and swapped them for genuine ballots.

    Or what if they emerge and say “Nope, there is no sign of fraud, everything is 100% legit.” Is that really going to convince the Trumpistas, or will they just say the fix was in?

    I’m assuming the first possibility is more likely than the second. But either way, it’s unlikely to move the needle. People have made up their mind on the fraud question — and at least on the R side of things, they’ve already shown themselves to be impervious to evidence.

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