The UK’s rapidly rising covid-19 cases

While much attention has focused on the wild events US, we should not forget that the UK is having a major resurgence of covid-19 cases that has put a major strain on the health services and led to a strict lockdown though some health experts are arguing that it should be even more strict. Prime minister Boris Johnson has seen his support plummet because of his handling of the pandemic.

Jonathan Pie vents his fury at the vacillations and indecision and mixed messages of Johnson.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    There’s a stricter lockdown in place… But more people are ignoring it. Boredom and the hypocrisy of those telling us to stay in are probably the main causes of that.

  2. says

    The governing United Conservative Party in Alberta, fresh off defeating a one term center-left party that was a blip in history after it defeated a 44-year reigning Progressive Conservative government, is finding itself in trouble in the polls after telling Albertans to not travel while several ministers jetted off to warmer climes over the Christmas break.

  3. sarah00 says

    @2 sonofrojblake I don’t think it’s boredom as much as people don’t have as much choice this time round. Fewer companies are letting employees work from home which means people are having to go out. There’s been research that shows non-compliance is down more to necessity than wilful disregard of the rules. From a paper on the first lockdown,

    Self-reported adherence to test, trace and isolate behaviours was low … and largely stable over time. By contrast, intention to adhere to protective measures was much higher. Non-adherence was associated with: men, younger age groups, having a dependent child in the household, lower socio-economic grade, greater hardship during the pandemic, and working in a key sector. Conclusions: Practical support and financial reimbursement is likely to improve adherence. [my emphasis]

    The government has told people to work from home if they can but the message doesn’t seem to have got through to companies in the same way, and the financial support for companies and individuals isn’t there in the same way as last year.

    It’s also worth noting that “pandemic fatigue” seems to be something more created by the media than by actual examination of the data. It’s a great way to pass the blame from government incompetence to people’s “wilful disregard” for the rules. Rules, it should be noted, that have changed 65 times since March 2020, an average of changes every 4.5 days.

  4. says

    John Morales (#1) --

    He definitely got it wrong there. Go after Dorsey, Zuckerberg and others who pandered to power and excused the inexcusable, then only found a conscience when political windbags changed. Where is their “outrage” as racism and hate continue to be spewn by nobodies? It’s not like they can’t run a new search for words, especially when saying “white trash” on fb will get you one to three days in the sin bin.


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