TV review: Death to 2020 (2020)

A good way to spend New Year’s Eve or start 2021 would be to watch Death to 2020 on Netflix that gives a humorous review of the year’s events with a biting sardonic tone. One of the creators of the show is Charlie Brooker, a well-known British TV personality known for his sarcastic wit, who along with Annabel Jones also created the dark futuristic series Black Mirror.

Here’s a clip from the show.

Here’s another clip.

Here’s the trailer.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    Brooker is one of a very few people whose name on a product will mean I’ll seek it out. Can’t wait.

  2. Don F says

    THANX for the recommendation!
    That was brilliant, funny, and distressing all at the same time . . . .

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