Trump is clearly increasingly desperate

Seth Meyers wonderfully deconstructs Trump false statements about what his latest Executive Orders will do. The correct answer is ‘very little’. They are either meaningless or unconstitutional. Some measures he has proposed, like the deferment in the payroll taxes and the deferment of student loan repayments only last until December, i.e., until after the election. Trump is essentially using them as bribes, suggesting that if people want them to continue, they will have to re-elect him. What next, giving everyone a loan that will only need to be repaid after the election? Pathetic.

Meyers also discusses Trump’s delusional hope that his face might be added to Mount Rushmore.


  1. starskeptic says

    Same problem with the suggestion of adding Reagan’s face to Mt Rushmore -- granite isn’t a dense enough material…

  2. rich rutishauser says

    Maybe depleted uranium, that way the likeness could be almost as toxic as the real thing.

  3. publicola says

    The only fitting place/ For Comrade Trumpski’s face/ Is the bottom of a toilet bowl./I rest my case.

  4. johnson catman says

    re publicola @5: I commented on another blog that The Orange Toddler-Tyrant wasn’t qualified to be immortalized on the wall of a nasty bathroom stall in some seedy, podunk gas station in the middle of nowhere, but maybe in the bottom of the toilet bowl in such a place would be the right spot.

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