Samantha Bee on why we need to save the postal service

Donald Trump is trying to kill the Untied States Postal Service by denying them funding to cover their operating deficit, because he is apparently irked that Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, uses the USPS to deliver some of their products at what Trump claims is below cost. Trump hates Bezos because he also owns the Washington Post that Trump is aggravated by because of negative coverage of him.

So we have the spectacle of the president of the country trying to kill an organization that provides a public good just because he is angry that a tiny part of its business might possibly, just possibly, be aiding the business of a person he hates. Trump is just piggy-backing on the long-term efforts of the Republicans to privatize the postal service, just like they want to privatize everything else.

Samantha Bee explains why the postal service is worth saving.


  1. Sam N says

    Took her forever to get to the final, ultimate point, why Republicans will massively fail, even if they succeed in this endeavor. Privatizing it will hurt rural voters massively--not the folks in those awful blue-leaning cities near as much. UPS and FedEx can afford to deliver direct in cities.

    Shoot yourself in the foot, please. Might flip the senate for us.

  2. John Morales says


    Shoot yourself in the foot, please.

    So, you want the very same thing they want, for a different reason.

    Might flip the senate for us.

    They’ve already flipped you, apparently.

  3. Sam N says

    @4, Do you understand the difference between rhetorical goading and sincere intent?

    Of course, you must. You did just now. Or did you? If intentional, that was clever. Sometimes it’s difficult to construct models of a human based on only text-based interaction.

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