Another excellent show from John Oliver

In the latest episode, he focuses on the people who are most affected by the pandemic, those who have lost their jobs and those who are deemed to be essential workers, and why their current plight is a strong argument for permanently providing the kinds of protections that the government is now trying to temporarily meet, such as universal free health care, paid sick leave, better unemployment benefits. In fact, conservatives, and businesses like Amazon, are worried that the demand for such things will be too strong to resist.


  1. publicola says

    Hopefully, this will bring about the rebirth of trade unions. Reagan and the greedy
    Conservative movement brought about the decimation of unions to the detriment of, not just union workers, but all workers. Because of hard-won union gains, almost all workers enjoyed 40 hour weeks; time-and-a-half pay; pensions; paid sick leave; paid vacations; paid health-care benefits; job security and more. Workers: if you want a better life, fight--and I mean FIGHT-- to organize!

  2. johnson catman says

    I have said it before, but John Oliver and his siblings from parent Jon Stewart are some of the smartest people on television. If the actual “news” reporters were half as talented and smart, The Orange Toddler-Tyrant wouldn’t be able to walk away with half-ass answers to stupid questions. “Last Week Tonight” should be required viewing for anyone who has been elected to office in the US.

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