Wow, that was some interview!

Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept interviewed Bernie Sanders’s top national surrogate Sen. Nina Turner and campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray about what they experience during the campaign and the racist, misogynistic attacks they face on a regular basis from the media and from members and supporters of rival campaigns, even being called ‘misfit black girls’. You can listen to the 45-minute interview here. I found it utterly gripping. A transcript will soon be added to the link.

AS THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders gains momentum, the attacks against him are intensifying. Billionaire former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has announced he is going to unleash a spate of attack ads against Sanders; while Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are harping about comments Sanders made on 60 Minutes where he praised Cuba’s literacy efforts. The red-baiting attacks on Sanders are most definitely going to increase this week ahead of the South Carolina primary Saturday and next week’s Super Tuesday contest. Sanders is simultaneously battling his challengers and an often openly hostile corporate media culture. On MSNBC, his victory in Nevada was compared to the Nazi invasion of France, one of the networks paid pundits referred to the Sanders national campaign press secretary as coming from the “Island of Misfit Black Girls” and host Chuck Todd compared Sanders’s twitter followers to Nazi “brown shirts.” Meanwhile, a surrogate for Buttigieg called on Sanders to “muzzle” his top African American campaign representative, while Mike Bloomberg’s campaign put out a statement accusing Sanders of being “Trump’s new bro” and focused overwhelmingly on attacking the comments of senior Black women on the Sanders campaign. In this Intercepted special, Sanders top national surrogate, Sen. Nina Turner, and campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray discuss the attacks against them, the red-baiting attacks against Sanders, and why they believe Sanders could pull off a major upset in South Carolina.

It is a powerful interview that ranges beyond the campaign and to the lived experience of minority and marginalized groups in general and black women in particular, especially strong, outspoken women like them who dare to confront the predominantly white establishment. They are particularly infuriated by the ‘Bernie bro’ charge leveled at the Sanders campaign when it is the most diverse in pretty much every category in its leadership and among its supporters, and that these same people ignore it when the black women who play prominent roles in his campaign are attacked.


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    Yeah that was a great interview. She was so justifiably angry and frustrated. I respected the way that Scahill didn’t play the usual white guy’s role of pretending to try to calm everyone down; sit down and listen to the music, it’s for you.

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