Spinning down Sanders success

It is interesting to watch the media’s attempts to spin Sanders’ third consecutive win in the first three contests (something that has never happened before for either the Democratic or Republican primaries), and especially his runaway win in Nevada, as somehow not being significant.

(Tom Tomorrow)

The satirical publication The Onion has been mocking the mainstream media’s attempts at downplaying the success of the Sanders campaign, with ‘headlines’ such as:

“MSNBC Poll Finds Support For Bernie Sanders Has Plummeted 2 Points Up”


“Bernie Sanders Holds Secret Campaign Meeting With 15,000 Working-Class Democratic Donors”

But this is my favorite.

“DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders”


  1. jrkrideau says

    For some reason this reminds me of a Chinese football game, a few years ago, where the player bribed to throw the match spent the last moments of the game in a frenzied attack on his own net.

  2. Who Cares says

    They are trying out a new way to stop Sanders. Testing it now in Florida.
    He is technically an independent that the democratic party allows to run on their ticket.
    So sue him of the democratic ballot in every remaining state since he is not a democrat.

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