Well done, little penguin!

To take your mind away from the bleak news, here is a short video about a penguin that was threatened with separation from friends when the ice floe they were on split.

(Via Thom Dunn.)


  1. Roj Blake says

    Choice, Mano. Choice.

    Of course, the penguin was in no real danger is swimming in Antarctic waters and jumping up from the sea is what they do.

    What appealed to me was the socialisation aspect, where the other penguins knew one was left behind and then ran to him to welcome her back into the group.

    If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Philip Island for the “Penguin Parade” you will see similar behaviour when the first few birds emerge on to the sand. If there are no others, they leap back into the water. Eventually enough are out of the water at the same time, and they group together to march up the beach and to their burrows above.

    And, if you are even more fortunate to visit with children, well, that just makes the experience so much better. Do come down, that part of the country isn’t on fire. Yet. 🙂

  2. Mano Singham says

    Ron @#3,

    I have actually been there and saw that about ten years ago on my only visit to Australia. It was great and I would love to go again.

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