Yep, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer really knows what women want

The charges against former media mogul Harvey Weinstein, that he abused and raped multiple women, keep growing even as his trial on some of the charges begins. But it seems like he has found his soul mate in his lawyer.

What century is she living in? And what have everyday courteous behavior and mild pleasantries got to do with rape and sexual abuse?


  1. johnson catman says

    Well, I know that every time I hold a door for someone (male or female), I plan on raping them later. Isn’t that how this works? (/s just in case)

  2. says

    I can’t think of another reason for her to do this than to become famous and “make her career” defending him. And she’s willing to sell out her principles to do it.

  3. deepak shetty says

    And what have everyday courteous behavior and mild pleasantries got to do with rape and sexual abuse?

    well there are only 2 options -- either we discount everything a victim says until the accused is convicted in court(and maybe not even then) or we cant exchange pleasantries with women. I believe that is the libertarian-conservative-asshole atheist position anyway.

  4. Holms says

    She’s attractive, and so I wonder how many times she’s had to fend off the attentions of her client.

  5. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Let’s be clear about this: This is rape minimization, even by the most generous assumptions. Sure, obviously any time a society cares about a crime false reports of that crime have an impact. (No one thereby dismisses all claims of theft, murder, assault, tax fraud, or anything else that way, even though in all cases evidence can be questionable, witness claims unreliable, etc. etc. Weirdly enough, only those crimes that mostly impact women). So if I am exceedingly generous, I can grant that some people may feel freezed by this. Putting aside that maybe this may make women ask people out more often instead, putting aside that in fact most people who care try to approach people decently and try to be reasonable when rebuffing approaches, putting aside that the troglodytes aren’t even internally consistent because they will take a woman trying to be polite and giving a guy a chance to leave as her being unclear or egging him on so they are putting women into the position of having to assume every guy is a rapist and then blaming them when they do that, *so what, Donna?*

    I’ll take it being harder for me to open a door for a person or ask someone out *if we reduce the number of rapes*.

    The fact that we are seriously pitting that women may have to open their own door against people being able to do their job without being fondled shows that a lot of people in our society still don’t care to learn the actual impact of those actions.

    If only there was a chip that could let them experience what it’s like to work with PTSD and rape trauma sufferers for even a few weeks, and understand how gut-wrenching it is to see people screaming in their sleep…

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