How unethical do you have to be to resign from the Trump administration?

We now have an answer. Remember Mina Chang, deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, who was found to have several whoppers in her resume? It looked like she was going to grit it out, in typical Trump style, and stay on in her job. But it appears that there were even more dubious things that she had done and when she was confronted with them today, she finally resigned.

The newly discovered false claims include misrepresenting a trip to Afghanistan as a humanitarian mission, listing an academic who says he never worked for her nonprofit as an employee, claiming a nonexistent degree from the University of Hawaii, inflating an award and claiming to be an “ambassador” for the United Nations’ cultural agency UNESCO.

Chang had portrayed the 2015 trip to Afghanistan as a humanitarian mission for her nonprofit, but a defense contractor footed the bill and no aid was delivered, according to documents from the company and a former employee.

After the Afghanistan trip, Chang posted photos of herself meeting a group of Afghan women in a room. In a video posted on her charity’s website, she refers to the photo and says the Afghan women are “in hiding” at a secret location.

“This is in Afghanistan, I am sitting with women in our program, they are living in hiding. I can only say they are right outside of the Kabul area,” Chang said in an interview posted on her nonprofit’s website.

But the women were not part of any program run by her charity, Linking the World. They were wives of local employees of the defense contractor that paid for her trip, Automotive Management Services, and they were not in hiding, a former employee said.

“They were photo-ops,” the former employee said of Chang’s trip to Afghanistan, and another to Iraq.

On her charity’s website, Chang posted photos from the Afghanistan trip, without indicating that the defense contractor bankrolled the visit and that her NGO conducted no aid work during the trip.

To no one’s surprise, this serial embellisher’s resignation letter was defiant.

“It is essential that my resignation be seen as a protest and not as surrender because I will not surrender my commitment to serve, my fidelity to the truth, or my love of country,” Chang wrote in her resignation letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “Indeed, I intend to fight for those things as a citizen in the days and years to come.”

Chang said she had been “unfairly maligned, unprotected by my superiors, and exposed to a media with an insatiable desire for gossip and scandal, genuine or otherwise.”

That bit about her “fidelity to the truth” was a nice touch.

Bye, Mina. Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities for someone with your particular skills. Have you considered Fox News?


  1. Myra Greenwood says

    Exactly! tRump is a magnet for the unethical. And no they won’t protect her. She is a female She is not white. Her chances were slim. Even though their main job qualifications are corruptibility!

  2. johnson catman says

    That bit about her “fidelity to the truth” was a nice touch.

    That is the line that struck me the most. I am glad that I did not have a mouthful of tea because it would have been all over my screens and keyboard when I read that. Reality just never imposes itself in the minds of these grifters, does it?

  3. file thirteen says

    The frightening thing is the amount that had to be exposed before she could be outed. What chance of getting rid of your average cheat?

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