Jesus, just give it a rest, will you?

Via Frances Langum, I came across this extraordinary prayer given at the opening of a session of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Langum counted 12 times that the name of Jesus was inserted, seemingly randomly, as if the more she used it, the more likely she would get to heaven.

I am sure it was just a coincidence that the first item on the agenda was the swearing in of the first even Muslim woman in the Pennsylvania state house.


  1. ridana says

    Jeezus. smh

    I would’ve walked out too. I guess it’s safe to say she doesn’t believe in separation of church and state, or the Establishment Clause.

  2. John Morales says

    Heh. It’s so obvious to me that the otherwise-serious people in the shot are enduring the LARPing?

  3. jrkrideau says

    Perhaps someone should add this to the Mike Lee video and distribute it around the world. Should raise US prestige.

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