The secret weapon to stop Brexit

Remember Uri Geller? The guy who claims to bend spoons with his mind but failed miserably when confronted with a test on Johnny Carson’s Tonight show where Carson has followed James Randi’s advice and prevented Geller from getting prior access to the props? But despite repeated exposure and humiliations, he keeps coming back, even telling gullible people that the CIA and Mossad use his powers.

His latest stunt is that he claims that he can stop Brexit using his telepathic powers on British prime minister Theresa May.

He plans to transmit his psychic energy into May’s brain at the “very mystical time” of 11.11 in the morning and evening every day from a secret location near his home in Israel.

He will visualise her signing a document revoking article 50 and, separately, he will also visualise her deciding to hold a second referendum – but this, he says, is his “second choice”.

“I urge and plea with the people to think – even if it’s for a few seconds – at 11.11am and 11.11pm, to send Theresa May that message to revoke article 50 and remain in the EU,” he said. “Energy can be transmitted, energy can be received and the collective energy of people who want to achieve something is massive.”

He does not say in what time zone that 11:11 becomes ‘very mystical’. Given that it is that time somewhere in the world at any moment, you would think that was an important bit of information.

But what really shocked me was this little item at the end.

He has already successfully penetrated May’s mind, he added, when she visited his home three years before she became prime minister. “I bombarded her mind to be the prime minister – and she became the prime minister,” he said.

May visited Geller at his home? Is she a believer in his nonsense? That would explain a lot of her magical thinking, actually.


  1. Owlmirror says

    In addition to the time zone problem, 11:11 pm is 23:11 if you use a 24-hour clock. Does using a 24-hour clock make the mysticality not be mystical enough? And how does Daylight Savings Time/Summer Time affect matters? Will some people be sending energy an hour off from true peak mysticism, and the collective energy will have something like a brownout?

    Mr. Geller . . . Mr Geller! Why are you running away? Shouldn’t you have foreseen these important questions?

  2. DonDueed says

    There’s only one way to be sure. We’ll have to send that message at 11 past every hour until it gets through. Or there’s a Brexit, whichever comes first.

  3. Matt G says

    Does this energy obey the inverse square law? Does it pass through Earth’s crust, mantle, etc.?

  4. lorn says

    To my way of thinking it is somewhat an oddity that any but a few favor brexit. Some small number may benefit directly so their vote is assured. The vast majority of the remainder seem befuddled by their own national or personal pride. Most of them seem ready to admit that brexit will hurt them, and/or their nation financially and internationally, but they can’t countenance reversing themselves; it just wouldn’t look good.

    Never mind that the vote didn’t involve an oath to never reverse themselves, much less a commitment to cutting of their nose despite their face. The pro-brexit camp lied, cheated and made promises at odds with the text and mechanism of the official procedure. Then there was the large percentage who took it as a protest vote independent of any actual weight or consequence, and were encouraged to think of it that way. The same people spinning on about the lightness of the vote are now bloviating about the weight of their sacred public duty to carry out the ‘will of the people’.

    Less public until the last months has been notice given to Russian involvement and finance of the pro-brexit cause. In effect a few million dollars spent on political chicanery will do more to cripple the EU, NATO, and the western alliance than billions, possibly trillions, spent on missiles, armies and fleets.

    What is needed is someone who can effectively stand up before the citizens of England and tell the people and British leadership how foolish they are and how silly they look. To snap out of it and behave like adults. To put their personal and national pride aside and reject brexit outright. If Uri Geller can do it I say more power to him. The man is a fraud and a charlatan but if he can do this one thing I will never again say an unkind work about him.

    I doubt it will go that way but, as the story goes, it takes but one small child to speak honestly about how the emperor’s new clothes are a fiction. It is not impossible that one well timed and broadcast voice might wake the British leadership up to the reality of the needless damage brexit will do.

  5. says

    Maybe Geller caused brexit, so he could stop it. We’d better just burn him at the stake to be sure. He’s apparently too powerful to trust.

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