That’s what friends are for

A little dog got stuck in a heavy snowdrift and could not make it back to the house. So a big dog came to the rescue, beating down the snow and creating a path for the little dog.

One obvious question is how the little dog got stuck in the first place. It may be that it was placed there to show off the big dog’s rescue.

But it is still a nice example of canine friendship.


  1. OverlappingMagisteria says

    My guess is the dog was running through the deep snow and then just got too tired. It happens to my dog almost every time. It’s a lot of work to jump through neck deep snow.

  2. Matt says

    In the comments of the video on YouTube, the owner said that the smaller dog was a nighbor’s dog that liked to frequently visit. The smaller dog probably was coming for a visit from a different location and just got tired before making it all the way. Those who don’t own dogs may ask, “why doesn’t the smaller dog just turn around and go home?” My 70 lb retriever spent 8 hours trying to get his head all the way under our refrigerator to get one dropped kibble. Dogs can be extremely stupid. I know mine is. Although I’m sure Baxter the Wonder Dog is smarter than that!

  3. Matt says

    Oh -- and it took almost 10 comments on that video before the first global warming denier made a comment. Must be a new record in restraint.

  4. Mano Singham says

    Matt @#2,

    Thanks for that explanation. It makes sense. Dogs can be extremely dogged in pursuing a goal, especially food-related. I don’t know that Baxter the Wonder Dog is smarter except that he knows that if, after trying for a short while, he looks appealingly at me, I will get down on the floor and retrieve whatever he is trying to get.

  5. fledanow says

    Mano @ 5. Like primates and crows, dogs are tool users, too. And we are their tools.

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