“Oh, isn’t that nice!”

Ivanka Trump was asked for her response to the Green New Deal. The poster child for being born with a silver spoon in her mouth and not having to work for anything because her rich daddy gave her everything, who himself was given everything by his own rich daddy, and whose husband was given everything by his own rich daddy, thinks that most Americans don’t want to have a guaranteed minimum wage or a guarantee of a job.

Bernie Sanders’s response to billionaire Howard Schultz’s comments is perfectly appropriate here too.

Warning: I am going to be using “Oh, isn’t that nice!” quite a lot.


  1. johnson catman says

    Hey Ivanka, maybe there should be a guaranteed MAXIMUM that, once you reach that figure, all subsequent profit/income/whatever, is redistributed to the people who need it the most. Fuck your privileged, rich, white ass. You have NO idea what most people in this country want.

  2. flex says

    Ivanka, you are answering a question which wasn’t asked. The question you answered was, “do people want to earn a living?”

    The question that was asked was, “should people be paid a fair wage, enough to live on, for their work?”

    People do want to work, and feel like they are earning their own way.
    They also want to feel that what they earn is somewhat related to the amount of effort they put into the job.

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