One area where Trump is clearly the leader

The arrest of Roger Stone adds to the ever-growing list of Donald Trump associates who have been arrested, indicted, and convicted of all manner of crimes. As this tweet says, this is one area where Donald trump indubitably leads Barack Obama.

That leads naturally to this joke.

Saturday Night Live‘s segment Weekend Update looked at this and other news of the week.

Michael Che says that we should not gloat too soon over Trump being shown to be weak because there is such a lot of damage that he can still do. But I think gloating at every opportunity is entirely in order because being shown to be weak and a loser is Trump’s biggest fear.

Here’s another segment that looks at both out-of-touch Wilbur Ross and Stone.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Trump, 2 years in office. Number of indictments: 90.

    Trump keeps his promises. He promised to drain the swamp.

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