These ‘tough guys’ are such snowflakes

Gavin McInnes is the founder of the group known as the Proud Boys, a right wing, ultranationalist group that has been involved in violent confrontations with anti-fascists. Kelly Weill describes his history.

More than anything, the Proud Boys are anti-leftist. Members talk openly of beating leftist opponents (“commies” and “antifa”) in the streets. Proud Boys at a violent Portland, Oregon, rally wore T-shirts valorizing Augusto Pinochet, a Chilean dictator who murdered tortured and murdered leftist political foes. When a prominent Twitter user made videos mocking the Proud Boys, a member showed up at his home. Members have also variously expressed sexist, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBT views. The ideological flexibility gives some space for members of color; the aforementioned Proud Boy who attended Unite the Right also runs with a primarily Latino skinhead crew. It also gives plausible deniability for figures like McInnes, who constantly toe the line of acceptable hatred.

In McInnes’ case, he accused Soros of funding a network of “lesbian” lawyers who harass the far right. (He also falsely accused Soros’ staff of organizing Unite the Right “to discredit us all.”)

But there’s something more sinister than simple conservative shit-talk at play: With one foot in the world of right-wing street fights and the other in upstate country clubs, McInnes is marshaling an extremist group from a safe remove. One Gavin McInnes champions violence and reaps speaking fees, the other doesn’t care for critical emails from neighbors.

McInnes apparently is wealthy and recently sold his expensive Brooklyn penthouse and moved with his family into the tony New York suburb of Larchmont. But when his neighbors became aware of who had moved in nearby, they were not pleased. Some of them organized a campaign to plant signs saying ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ on their lawns. He is upset by this and is now whining about how people are being mean to him by putting up these signs and he wants them to come down. Of course, he thinks George Soros is behind this.

“I see it in my neighborhood,” McInnes said. “I see whispers all the time. I’m walking down the street and a housewife goes,” he made an outraged face “like she’s finally seen Hannibal Lecter walk by. And what is the horror? The horror is that I like Trump, and that if I like Trump I might be conservative.”

Larchmont residents’ real problem, locals say, is with McInnes’ role in the Proud Boys, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And the Proud Boys’ involvement in a Manhattan brawl brought McInnes to the neighborhood’s attention.

Will Sommer reports that McInnes has now sent out a letter to his neighbors, saying that the signs hurt his delicate feelings and pleading that they be removed because he really is a very nice person who wants everyone to love one another.

In fact, though, McInnes has a history of making hateful or extreme statements. He has ranted about Jews, saying that he was “becoming anti-Semitic” after a trip to Israel. He has called trans people “gender n**gers,” and once wrote that women want to be “downright abused.”

Despite his conciliatory tone in the letter, though, McInnes isn’t always so polite about his neighbors and their signs. He devoted an hour-long podcast on Friday to the signs, with a decidedly less neighborly tone.

“If you have that sign on your lawn, you’re a fucking retard,” McInnes said.

Note that the sign just rejects hate and does not mention him by name, so his reaction is a classic case of the shoe fitting.

McInnes is like the ‘crying Nazi’ Chris Cantwell who also whined about how people are being mean to him after the video emerged of him boasting of his role in the Charlottesville neo-Nazi and white supremacisr rally. These haters can dish it out but they can’t take even the most gentle of rebukes.

What snowflakes.


  1. Matt G says

    Remember the guy who followed a black man home and said “I just want you to know that you’re a n*gger”? When he got called out on it in front of cameras, he said “I just don’t understand all this hate [being directed at me]”. Assh*les with absolutely no self-awareness. At least we now know who they are.

  2. says

    I am particularly underwhelmed by the cowardice of his claiming that he’s not a racist because he is no longer a member of the racist fight club he founded. Oh, right, pull the other one. It’s not like his neighbors are burning crosses on his yard or shooting out his windows. In other words he hasn’t experienced the kind of hate he promotes. Try that, Gav, then get back to us about why you feel it’s acceptable.

  3. lanir says

    I guess it makes sense that he sees Soros everywhere as the motivating moneybags behind his every (supposedly deliberately crafted but mostly self-inflicted) woe. Believing ridiculous random BS about other people is a core part of racism.

  4. says

    Speaking of Pinochet, do you mind if I plug this documentary, Nae Pasaran, that was written and directed by the friend of a friend? It’s about how some Scottish workers for Rolls Royce refused to work on the engines for the fighter planes in Pinochet’s air force out of solidarity for the Chilean people. You know, acting out of basic human compassion, and not making the subjugation of a country into the punchline of a dank meme like McInnes and the rest of his cretinous bootlickers…

  5. lochaber says

    what do you call a table with one nazi and ten people talking to the nazi?
    a table with eleven nazis

  6. says

    (Did some research) one of the great things about dismissing McInnes as “a traitor to his wanna-be class” is how little surface your derision needs to cover.

  7. xohjoh2n says

    How did Gavin McInnes get wealthy anyhow?

    Perhaps he was funded by Soros to make the right-wing look bad?

  8. suttkus says

    So, just to be clear, Gavin McInnes wants a safe space where he doesn’t feel threatened by other people? And that’s okay when he does it?

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