Female sports reporters are routinely harassed while on camera

Take a look at the video below taken during the soccer World Cup in Moscow. What impressed me is how calmly she continues with her report, without missing a beat. It shows to me that she has experienced this kind of thing many times before.

This reporter also at the World Cup expertly avoided the kiss and used the occasion to angrily lecture the man on proper behavior, saying “Never do this to a woman, ok? Respect!”


  1. jdmuys says

    There is also the story of the male reporter being kissed by two women (see eg at https://www.thesun.co.uk/world-cup-2018/6695320/world-cup-2018-reporter-grabbed-and-kissed-female-fans/).

    And of course the comments there are appalling.

    Yet, I can’t help but wonder: I do perceive a difference. Is that because I am biased? Is that because we men are privileged, and so is the male reporter, making the kiss less threatening? I need to think more about this, but this is a bit disturbing

  2. alixmo says

    I am sure that those guys even think that they just did something nice and flattering to those women. You know, “I appreciate female beauty! Women are like flowers or artworks to me! I just had to show my appreciation!”

    Also notice the difference in the reaction of the two women. (Do not beat me up for what is coming! No racism intended, there are many white nations and groups with similar problems):

    The first one lives in a society that is still much more outwardly “macho”, where feminism is even less of a “thing”. So she has to calmly endure and just continues her report, bravely ignoring the assault.

    At least that is a step ahead from the past, when a woman had to pretend to be flattered. In the 1950ies, a smile and a “thank you” would have been not an uncommon response from a woman even in “feminist” Sweden. Good old times?

    The second one was a (sarcasm alert) “nasty feminist” who felt safe enough in her society to show her contempt.

    There is a very personal account by Australian journalist Amy Remeikis in the Guardian today, titled: “A man raped me, another tried to. They were not animals. They were men. -- What happened to me had nothing to do with where I walked or what I wore, and everything to do with the actions of two men.” Those two guys should read it.


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