Why do police use excessive force? Because they can

Shuan King sent out this Tweet showing police tasering a man for no reason even though the man was just sitting on the curb. Why? Because they can.


  1. Holms says

    “Legs straight out or you’re getting tased.”
    Control for the sake of control.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Especially in groups.
    That first cop.
    with the gun and the taser
    Out There Alone Against Some Guy Who Was … Standing There
    he has some major chops
    really seriously impressed
    the rest of them
    not so sure

  3. Quirky says

    “Because they can.”
    The only reason “they can” is because society has been conditioned to hallucinate that their alleged authority is legitimate.
    If I went about with a gun forcing other men and women to give me money would you consider me a criminal?
    But for what ever reason people will justify the same action when it is done by someone with supposed authority. Men and women that will use violence to force others to pay them can never be good people.
    Don’t expect to ever find good people in positions of authority over others. These lowlifes merely hide behind the Public Relations story that they are fulfilling a grand duty of protecting the rest of society.
    Protecting others by first stealing from them and then if anyone resists their theft they either cage of kill their opposition.
    And most people still insanely expect to find good authoritarians in that group. They get by with the “use of excessive force because society hallucinates their legitimacy.

  4. sonofrojblake says

    When I see things like that I wonder how long it will be before US citizens start putting IEDs outside police stations, shooting police in the street routinely, and generally treating them like the hostile occupying armed force they are increasingly often shown to be in videos like this one. How long before women (or men) who sleep with cops are shamed, shaved and ostracised by society as traitors?

  5. Quirky says

    The police have always been a “hostile occupying armed force”.
    If you or I did business with a gun by forcing other men and women to give us money should others consider us criminals?
    You see ‘Government’ is such a brilliant idea that it has always been necessary to sell it at the barrel of a gun.
    In the absence of kings and dictators, accomplishing this has always required a “hostile occupying armed force” to forcibly persuade those who refuse to voluntarily surrender their autonomy to the Public Relations lie of supposed legitimacy of group will..
    Of course if you were king…….

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