Don’t expect anything good from Senate Democrats on foreign policy

Jon Schwarz goes into all the terrible positions that Chuck Schumer, whom the Democrats chose as their leader in the US Senate, has taken over the years. Schumer has been an uncritical supporter of Israel and advocated for much of the neoconservative agenda that has brought so much ruin and suffering in the Middle East.

Schumer’s positions on domestic policy leave much to be desired, but not on every issue. By contrast, his views on foreign policy are largely indistinguishable from the Republican Party in general and Trump specifically.

So taken together, it’s obvious that Schumer does not and never will offer voters an alternative to Trump and Republicans in general on the most important questions of national security. That’s because Schumer truly, deeply and sincerely agrees with them.

As long as Schumer is the leader of the Democrats in the US Senate, we will have a terrible foreign policy.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    Well, in all honesty, Obama’s foreign policy was so close to the Shrub’s that it often felt hard to fit a knife between them. I think it’s only a fairly recent assumption that Repubs and Dems are supposed to have differering views on foreign affairs — mainly because of Trump going his own wacky and incomprehensible way and making up new policies in mid-speech, and then the rest of his party trying to justify his “wisdom.”

  2. Glor says

    Honestly, my reading of Obama’s foreign policy, on a lot of things, was basically the same as Bush’s, except more polite.

    Protip: “Look forward, not look back” sounds nice, but you when can see egregious war crimes in the rear mirror (which torture is, nevermind invading a country because they had WMDs… I mean, supported Osama…. I mean, tried to kill Bush Sr., I mean… ) the proper term is “accomplice after the fact”

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