Keeping track of the creeps

The flood of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment accusations against prominent people in public life has made it hard for anyone to keep track of who is accused of what and by whom. Via Rusty Blazenhoff I learned about something called The Creep Sheet that has compiled a list of all the accusations, sorted into categories like Entertainment, Politics and Government, Media, and so on.

Since we are mostly dealing with allegations, the question of how to discriminate among them as to the level of credibility is tricky. The website describes the basis on which items were included.

The Creep Sheet is an encyclopedia of public figures accused of sexual assault and harassment. We list accusations that have been published in credible, mainstream publications. Please note that in most cases, the allegations listed here have not been proved or disproved in court proceedings.

One big surprise was to learn that Ronald Reagan had been accused of rape. There were also some current public figures whose names have not featured prominently, such as Mariah Carey, Elton John. Steve Bannon, and Kelsey Grammar.


  1. says

    No matches for “Ranum”! Yay!

    I saw an interesting tidbit about some sexual harassers in the information security community. Apparently a few women have posted the SHA-256 hash of a harassers’ name. So, if you suspect that so-and-so may be a problem, you can hash their name and see if it matches any of the published SHA-hashes. It’s clever but naturally it’s prone to a dictionary attack -- one could simply take all the security practitioners’ names (by, say, getting the attendee lists for all the RSA conferences) and hashing them to build a lookup table.

  2. KG says

    At least as far as men are concerned, I suspect we might have reached the point where the list of prominent public figures who have not been credibly accused of sexual violations of consent of one form or another would be shorter.

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