Moore, Trump, and the Republican party are all the same

Now that Roy Moore has won the Republican senate primary in Alabama, the chances of the Democratic candidate Doug Jones of winning the election on December 12 have gone up slightly, though they are still not great given that we are talking about Alabama where religious extremism thrives. The question is whether the Democratic party establishment throws its weight and resources behind Jones. Jones has been quietly raising money for his campaign.

Jones has some good credentials but the party has not as yet enthusiastically embraced him.

Democrats have not seriously contested an Alabama Senate race since 1996, but they think they have a credible candidate in Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan who bombed a black church in Birmingham in 1963, killing four girls.

After a string of high-profile defeats in special House elections, two of them in the Deep South, Democrats are approaching the Jones campaign carefully. The 63-year-old lawyer, who has never run for office, has raised less than $300,000 despite securing the Democratic nomination a month ago.

Democrats have got to stop being so cautious. Sure, Jones might lose in a state where many think that prosecuting and convicting KKK members for killing black children is a bad thing. But you have to take every chance you get to show the nation how wacko the Republican party has become and this is an ideal case. You have to make Moore the face of the Republican party.

Although Moore is portrayed in some media as out on a limb even by Republican standards, Seth Meyers says that he and Trump and the party are all cut from the same bigoted and hateful cloth..


  1. johnson catman says

    The problem of Moore, republicans, and 45 is secondary to the problem that they were voted into office by idiots who will eat up every morsel of bullshit and ask for more.

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