Michelle Wolf gives Megyn Kelly her comeuppance

After wallowing in the mud at Fox News for a decade and reaping the huge rewards of being just another of their attack dogs, faithfully repeating the party line and viciously attacking people who disagreed with it when she was not being utterly ridiculous (she once made the claim that Santa Claus was white), Megyn Kelly has now moved to NBC and is trying to pass herself off as serious journalist. On her new show she landed an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Michelle Wolf of The Daily Show isn’t buying it and I agree totally with her. Kelly was not a journalist before and she is not one now. She is just a media celebrity.


  1. Smokey says

    I’ve always thought Santa Claus was white. Well, if he existed, but stupider things have been debated, usually by the religious.

    The legend of Santa Claus is based on a mixture of Saint Nicholas (Greek) and Sinterklaas (which supposedly “arrives from Spain”), so Santa Claus would be a Caucasian/Mediterranean/Latino mix, which is mostly considered “white” for those who care. At least today, there was a time when even the Irish were considered non-white. Sinterklaas’ helper Zwarte Piet is dark-skinned (either a Moor or just soot-covered), often presented in not-so-PC blackface. Zwarte Piet historically took the naughty children with him back to Spain in a bag, possibly a reference to the Barbary slavery trade.

    The Coca-Cola version of Santa Claus has definitely been sanitized for our comfort. From Moor slave traders to jolly little elves. What’s next, Sleeping Beauty was not really kissed, but woke up as a mother to two children? Oh, wait…

    I find myself reluctantly agreeing with Megyn Kelly on this one. I have no idea if Michelle Wolf had any opinions on Santa Claus, because I couldn’t listen to her glass cutter voice for long.

    I spent far too long writing this bullshit.

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