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    Instead of “lead a normal life and try to be happy” -- plan how you can live in fear. What an inspiring message. This is one of those problems with multiple causes -- we can’t sit back and expect violence to stop, but we shouldn’t accept that everyone’s got easy access to weapons, either. Yes, that’s the reality in which we live, but we should be trying to change that reality, not bending ourselves to cope with it. Change for the better, not change to be more scared and vigilant and worshipful of the police state.

  2. lanir says

    I saw this earlier. Didn’t like it at all. I think what strikes me the wrong way about it is the basic premise. It would have regular people analyzing the likelihood that someone they barely know will kill them. And basing this judgement on behaviors that are barely worth mentioning on their own.

    The idea that this might turn out to have positive results feels like pure fantasy to me. This is vaguely reminiscent of campaigns to watch for people who might be at risk of suicide. But instead of telling you what to do with this information (ie, talk to someone who might be able to help) it just drops it all at your feet in the end. And your motivation at the end is different as well because it’s you that’s likely to die if you’re right. I just see that combination leading to bad judgements and tragic results.

  3. Johnny Vector says

    Well it is useful if you want a great example of how to draw focus in a busy frame. Course if you’re making films you probably already know most of the techniques.

    Other than that, it’s not particularly helpful. Because, y’know, fiction.

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    I was expecting the twist to be boy-meets-boy and they say, “What they heck, let’s go out anyway.”

    I saw the mock-facebook picture with the gun, which stood out more and was easy to see, but not the other signs. I did not anticipate the ending.

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