Yesterday’s Democratic town hall

Yesterday, there was a town hall event involving the three Democratic candidates for the party’s nomination. Because there was no free online access and I do not subscribe to cable news, I could not watch the event on CNN. The format consisted of something like a series of three successive press conferences with each candidate, with questions asked by members of the public that had been pre-selected by the moderator CNN’s Chris Cuomo but not given to the candidates in advance.

You can see highlights of the event here and liveblogging coverage here.

Since I cannot give my own summary and impressions, I have had to outsource it.

An uncharacteristically confrontational Sanders, taking umbrage at the barrage of attacks from his rival’s campaign, launched into a spirited critique of Clinton’s career. Clinton responded later with little of the feistiness she has shown recently on the campaign trail, instead reverting to her earlier posture of confident front-runner, emphasizing her qualifications for the office and trying to avoid engaging her rivals.

One area that Clinton and Sanders did find agreement on was the quality of his new campaign advertisement. The montage of inspirational scenes featuring Sanders supporters is set to the Simon & Garfunkel tune “America.” Clinton called it “fabulous.”

Here is the advertisement in question.


  1. StevoR says

    Martin O’Malley you mean?

    This guy :,_2016

    (Hmm..looks like his slogan is aimed at the Eastern religions niche voter segment Om?)

    Here tis :

    In two parts -this is part I, part II also available here :

    ”FULL CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall Debate Martin O’Malley P2, Iowa Jan 25, 2016 posted by “Best My Show” youtube channel.

    on youtube.

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