Trevor Noah speaks about life under apartheid

Jerry Seinfeld has an online show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is exactly as the title says, with each episode featuring a different comedian and a different car, and the two comedians chatting while driving, walking, and drinking coffee.

Before Trevor Noah was announced as the new host of The Daily Show replacing Jon Stewart (it debuts on Monday), Seinfeld had invited Noah to appear. In addition to being funny, the show was interesting in Noah’s recounting of his life. He is the son of a white father and black mother and was born in apartheid South Africa where such liaisons were illegal. So his mother had to act like she was his father’s maid and also employed as a nanny to someone else’s multiracial child when she was out with Noah. Listening to it, it strikes you how insanely cruel the system was.


  1. leni says

    I’m only a little way in to the video, but something is bothering me. Is Seinfeld drunk? He sounds a little drunk.

  2. Mano Singham says


    Usually this show has them having coffee and breakfast so it would be a bit unusual for him to be drunk so early. On the other hand, in the clip Noah says he is a night owl and his own ‘day’ starts in the evening, so maybe in this case they were meeting late in the day and Seinfeld had been drinking. I did not notice anything amiss, though.

  3. Johnny Vector says

    Ugh. I’ve seen two episodes of this show, and hated both of them. Seinfeld is a funny guy, and Noah is hilarious, and yet I gave up on this on account of severe ennui ten minutes in. Sometimes an idea sounds funny but then leaves you nowhere to go when it comes time to execute. I think this is one of those.

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