How to bring a child to the Lord

According to this preacher, what you need to do with a smark-aleck child who refuses to behave in godly ways is to punch him so hard that he crumples to the ground. If that doesn’t bring him to the Lord, it will at the very least make him see the light in the form of stars.

What is it about these religious people that they think that physical violence, even on children, is a good thing?


  1. says

    But we all know that the proper way to bring a child to the Lord is to tie him up on a makeshift altar and be prepared to slaughter him…
    (And probably then to hope that it all turns out as in Owen’s version ” Offer the Ram of Pride instead of him. / But the old man would not so, but slew his son, / And half the seed of Europe, one by one.”)

  2. Brian E says

    Well, christianity holds that the supreme being, in the manifestation of the son, was tortured for a few hours. This so that the supreme being, in the manifestation of the father, could forgive vicariously (blood-sacrifice), the ‘sins’ of the supreme beings creation which was to be defective in the supreme beings eyes. Strangely the supreme being didn’t see it was the cause of the defectiveness. It seems a pretty violent story, so not surprising to see followers endorse violence….

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