How (not?) to move a couch

There is a phenomenon that often occurs when a few guys get together to do some chore. One of them will get an idea that on the surface seems ingenious and save labor and everyone jumps on it because of its novelty. As they try to implement the idea, it becomes clear that the novel way of doing things involves much more work than the straightforward one. But once guys are committed to the idea, they will overlook all such problems and stick with the original plan.

I suspect that this is one such case, where two guys were confronted with the task of carrying a couch down two flights of stairs and figured that there was an ‘easier’ way.


  1. Marshall says

    Based on your description I was expecting it to fall over and crash on the ground. But…it seemed to have worked perfectly. And considering how tight staircases can be, and how hard it is to move couches, I think that in these cases the guys did a great job! It may have taken a little more time than had they just sucked it up and carried it, but they managed to avoid the dozens of inevitable scuff marks and muscle strains that accompany moving couches.

  2. machintelligence says

    A friend of mine decided that a mobile couch would be just the thing to have, so he stretched the frame of a riding lawnmower (after removing the blade), and mounted the couch on it. It now has a trailer mounted love seat and a horn.

  3. Holms says

    That video was great, though slightly marred by “This cannot end good“… ugh.

    Fire? Are my eyes worse than I thought?

  4. blf says

    I once had a brilliant idea for getting a couch down one story to the ground. Fortunately, I couldn’t find the bit of equipment I thought was needed, and two frogs (foreign students from France) came to the rescue before I had another brilliant idea. That, and the rather bemused and sortof-disgusted face on my helping friend, is all I will mention…

    (I don’t think that has anything to do with why I now live in frogland…)

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