The changes in Iran

Journalist Ramita Navai talks with Jon Stewart on what is happening in Iran. She says that reformists in the country who seek a more democratic state that has less theocratic influence have been disturbed by the chaos in neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria due to the influence of foreigners. As a result, they have retreated from seeking quick changes and are now looking for a more gradual process that is generated by forces purely from within the country.

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  1. kraut says

    “Tehran has duly issued a denial apropos the BBC report last week to the effect that Iran’s Supreme Leader Al Khamenei has given the green signal for US-Iranian cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq. But by now we’re getting used to the pantomime — US and Iran working together in Iraq but in denial mode publicly.
    To be sure, the Iran we knew last year no more exists. Probably, what we thought we knew was always a chimera and this was all along the ‘real’ Iran, which we suspected existed. Anyway, Iran’s predicament in being publicly spotted as the Great Satan’s collaborator in Iraq probably will explain the reserved berth that US president Barack Obama is going to keep for that country, without assigning any name for it, within the ‘coalition of the willing’ on Iraq. ”

    Being unable to watch the post I still think it worth considering what the role of Iran at present might be – and that Iran has a role, and in the past had a role in removing the once US supported Saddam Hussein.

    The author’s analysis are alway more worthwhile to consider then what the so called presstitutes of the west have to offer

  2. says

    Yep, that’s the problem with protracted-war situations — they ultimately hinder progress, on the way to making civilized life impossible.

    Unless you’re McDonnell-Douglass or General Dynamics. Because business is making a killing.

  3. says

    As absolutely horrid as the Democratic Party has been on corporations and privacy issues, and as much as I’ve been berating left-leaning Americans for still voting for them because “the lesser of two evils” is still evil and no wonder third parties don’t have a chance south of the border, at least Obama hasn’t capitulated to Israel and the hawks who have been wanting to go to war against Iran for years now. The change may be slow in coming there, but it is coming and all an attack on Iran would do is create the same horrendous situation we’re seeing in Iraq.

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