Update on the PA Atheist/Humanist Conference

The organizers have released a list of the speakers, topic, and times for this conference that is to be held over the Labor Day weekend (August 29-31) in Pittsburgh. You have to reserve your hotel room by August 8 to get the conference rate.

The list of confirmed speakers has some well-known people in the secular community and I look forward to hearing them speak. Ed Brayton is the only other person from FtB who will be speaking. My talk title is How Scientific Logic Leads Us To Conclude The Non-Existence Of God which is going to outline the basic argument of a book that I plan to write on scientific logic.

The tentative schedule of speakers and topics has me speaking last at 5:15 pm on Saturday, which means that it will likely be later than that since speakers tend to run over and I may be speaking to an empty room as attendees, exhausted by a full day of talks, will want to get away to the bar or to get dinner.

But no matter. Someone has to take the graveyard shift and it might as well be me.

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