1. nemistenem says

    I recently saw a slew of pictures showing the Arabic word for Allah somewhat apparent in some gnarled tree roots, on a watermelon skin, on a (but of course) window, etc, etc. Is this a phenomenon of just the Abrahamic gods and Sesame Street, or has anyone seen any of the Hindu or other gods leaving us such messages of existence confirmation?

  2. sathyalacey says

    That’s amazing. I would have never guessed that Cookie Monster was an avatar of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But seeing CM’s visage miraculously made manifest in His Noodly Substance is all the proof I need.

  3. busterggi says

    nemistenem @ 2. Oh sure other gods leave such messages. I found a hammer one time so I knew Thor was watching over me. Another time I had a vision of Ganesh though that was after I’d seen an elephant so it might have been a flashback. And I read PZ’s blog which always has an Cthulhoid undercurrent.

    You just have to keep looking, sign are all around you.

  4. filethirteen says

    This morning a higher power warned my wife of the impending alien attack on earth…

    (although based on the horrible fate that befell this image I’m more concerned for the aliens)

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