I’m back!

After taking a week off from blogging, I am now back.

My daughter’s wedding on Saturday went off without any hitch and everyone seemed to have a good time. Weddings are a good time to meet with family and old friends and to meet and make new friends from among the in-laws. We had a lot of houseguests and the last of them left yesterday. I come from a close-knit extended family and many relatives came from all over the world and we had a wonderful time together.

The one drama was that on Friday (July 4th) evening, Baxter the Wonder Dog found a big slab of rum-raisin chocolates within reach and ate half of it before being discovered. Since chocolates and raisins can be very toxic for dogs, we immediately rushed him to the vet emergency room that evening and spent the evening there while the vet examined him. They kept him overnight for observation while all of us had a sleepless night worrying about him.

But on Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, the vet called to say that he seemed to be doing fine and showed no signs of any toxic effects but that they were keeping him for more observations and further tests. This was a huge relief for all of us and enabled us to enjoy the wedding and we picked him up from the hospital right after the reception at 1:00am on Sunday morning. He seems to be just fine.

So back to work (and blogging)!


  1. OverlappingMagisteria says

    I don’t know about raisins, but the toxicity of chocolate to dogs is only significant if eaten in very large amounts. I’ve even read that milk chocolate is effectively non-toxic since they’d have to eat such an absurd amount of it for there to be any effects. Since dark chocolate is much more concentrated, it can be dangerous if they eat a lot of it (such as half of “a big slab”) so you gotta watch out with that one.

  2. Matt G says

    Welcome back! Glad you had a nice time and that Baxter is well and has learned from his mistake (NOT!).

    To get to pressing matters, any thoughts on the World Cup?

  3. Rob Grigjanis says

    Poor guy probably thought the vet was punishment for eating the chocs.

    Congrats on the successful completion of nuptial operation (White Ops?). I’d probably need to sleep for a week to recover.

  4. Mano Singham says

    This was a big slab (250 grams) of imported semi-dark chocolates that our house guests had brought for us from overseas. Baxter had eaten about half but since he is a small dog, that increased the danger. Actually the vets were even more concerned about the raisins in it because raisins are very toxic for dogs and no one seems to know why.

  5. Mano Singham says

    @Matt G.

    I was not able to watch any of the games due to all the other things going on, and only caught the scores. I was sorry to hear of Costa Rica’s loss and Brazil’s ouster was a real shocker.

    I will be watching the final and am hoping for Argentina to win.

  6. moarscienceplz says

    I’m glad that Baxter is OK. That info about grapes and raisins is a new one to me. I’m going to make sure all my dog-owning relatives know about it.
    Also glad to hear the hitchin’ went off without a hitch. 😉

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    If a couple gets hitched without a hitch, are they really married?

    How brave and self-sacrificing of Baxter to offer himself up as The Wedding Anecdote!

  8. thewhollynone says

    Welcome back! Glad that the dog’s okay and hope that the in-laws measure up to your expectations. Felicitations to your daughter!

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