Jason Jones’s adventures in India continue

The Daily Show correspondent doggedly continues in his effort to try and teach Indians how to run their elections better. In this hilarious episode, he looks at their media coverage.

The Daily Show
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  1. says

    I loved reading your review of Glenn Greenwald’s book. I’m obsessed too, and riveted by the book because of the relationship to journalism as much as the surveillance issues. Although on my kindle (I preordered it), I can’t read the small print of the original documents.
    Plus, how was it Poitras went to Gellman before Greenwald (other than as another interested colleague on that particular subject) Maybe I missed a beat on that chronology.

    As “pugnacious” as Greenwald has been called by some of the media, he’s one of the few who can really nail it down when it comes to being interviewed. I especially like the “pause” or is it just that it’s Skype, before he answers (sometimes lashing out) to silly questions, or questions the interviewers should already know the answers to. I’m sure he would rather be more challenged. (hate that term, corporate media).

    I especially loved his interview with the BBC reporter whose name I should know in beginning of October , 2013, when I hadn’t watched any TV for a month and woke up to the interview in my hotel room ready to fly back to NYC. . I google those figures every night. Even feel like I know the names of the detractors. Curious how Brian Williams does with Snowden. Feel bad about Snowden, stuck in Russia, but maybe he likes it somewhat???? I wish, hope. Amazing how people think he actually flew there on purpose. .

  2. Mano Singham says


    When Poitras first got the documents because Snowden couldn’t get Greenwald to put in encryption, she felt that having a big institution behind her would give her some protection with this explosive material. She suggested to Snowden that they ask Gellman who had worked for the Post before and done some good work on national security but now was working with them on a freelance basis. Snowden agreed to give Gellman limited access and they gave him just the PRISM documents. But then the Post‘s lawyers got into the act and slowed the story down and also would not allow him to go to Hong King with her. This happened before she met Greenwald and got him involved.

    If you go the website I linked to in my review, you will be able to see the original documents in full size.

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