Play it again, Fido

This is a dog that has clearly been carefully observing how the people in the house accompany themselves on the piano. I have no idea if Baxter the Wonder Dog does something similar when I am out of the house. In that case, it would mean sitting in my favorite chair and reading the books on the side table.


  1. Seeker says

    That’s hilarious! Dogs are so much more observant than we give them credit for, and clearly this dog identifies with his human family and wants to copy them.

  2. Marshall says

    I had a dog growing up, and we also a very musically inclined family; I played the trombone, my sister the saxophone, and my brother the trumpet. Whenever any of us would practice in the basement, the dog upstairs would start howling. I never knew growing up if the sounds were painful to its ears or if it was some sort of pack animal behavior.

    This video makes me think it’s the latter. Especially the way that its paws hit notes which are pretty close together, the result is a sound of “many things that produce roughly the same sound with small variations and also within the range of frequencies one would encounter in a wolf pack.” Do you think, upon hearing all of those, notes, the dog’s instincts to just join the choir are what is causing this behavior?

  3. Marshall says

    Haha, I also love his “intro”–and how after he plays that first staccato note he looks around the room.

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