This guy wants to be taken seriously as a potential vice president?

David Letterman pokes fun at the photos of Paul Ryan released on the day of the debate. When I first saw them, I thought that they were photoshopped but it turns out that he actually posed for them. It adds to the overall image of a self-aggrandizing narcissist.

While a young person can get away with wearing a baseball cap backwards, it looks weird when an old person does it, as if that person is trying too hard to be young and hip. That odd smirk on his face just adds to the image of someone auditioning for a role in an Animal House sequel.


  1. Chiroptera says

    I laughed out loud at #9.

    But then, I’m a nut about bad similes that rely on bad puns. Especially used in bad tough guy talk.

  2. says

    Make that potential president, since one of Ryan’s duties would be preparing himself for the top job in case Romney is called back to his home planet.

  3. Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant) says

    I feel myself becoming a Republican from just seeing the first image.

  4. chrisho-stuart says

    I am a fan of your blog and subscribed to your feed. I am not a US citizen, so I have no say in US elections; though I watch with some interest. I also am horrified at the direction the GOP has gone in recent decades, and at the notion that the party or their present presidential candidates are actually serious considerations.

    But not because of photos, or appearances, or other inconsequential matters.

    This marks a low point for your blog, Mano; and part of a larger problem with very low standards in general for political discourse in the US (and elsewhere, for that matter). I don’t think this one slip up (as I see it) is representative; but I did want to let you know how this particular post came across to me.

  5. JA says

    I’m more of an infrequent reader but I’m also not a fan of tying viability as a candidate to image or eccentricities not related to governance.

    Which isn’t to say that those should be off-limits for poking fun at… it’s just a poor point when used in a context of making them ineligible for office.

    #9 did make me laugh out loud and that smirk… what is up with his smirk? It bugged me during the entire VP debate. Is he trying to avoid wrinkles with the most neutral/creepy smile ever?

  6. left0ver1under says

    That odd smirk on his face just adds to the image of someone auditioning for a role in an Animal House sequel.

    No doubt in the role of Neidermayer’s “fundie christian by day, breast grabber by night” nephew.

  7. Greg P. says

    Photos like these are absolutely germaine to a serious political discussion. They give us insight into how the candidate views him or herself, which in turn sheds light on what kind of leader they might be.

    In a larger context, this is a perfect example of IOIYAR (it’s OK if you’re a Republican). Put any candidate with a D after his/her name in these photos, and tell me the reaction wouldn’t be loud and negative.

  8. says

    It takes a special talent in self-delusion for anyone to watch the VP debate and say RYAN is the buffoonish narcissist whose presense a heart-beat from the presidency ought to cause heart murmurs.

  9. Chiroptera says

    I didn’t watch the VP debates, so enlighten me.

    What did you see in the debate that makes you think that Biden came across as buffoonish?

  10. Chiroptera says

    I dunno. Since it appears that the Romney campaign is pretty much based on image over substance, I see no problem with puncturing the image that they are trying to portray. It’s not as if they think that a campaign based on substance is important.

    I see room for both prongs here; attack them on substance, and also make fun of the image they are trying to present.

  11. didgen says

    I’ll certainly agree that we should look more to the true facts and figures along with letting us know what their positions on important social issues. As soon as we are provided with some that aren’t walked back by their campaign or Prove to be outright lies we can consider them. Until that time however, we get to have fun.

  12. Henry Gale says

    Like Michele Obama doing push ups on national tv. Does that give us insight as to how she perceives herself?

    I think this gives us insight into IIDTDIO also known as If I’m a Democrat and They’re a Democrat Its Ok.

    See drone sticks for another example.

  13. schmeer says

    Maybe you can clarify what the Constitution says the first lady’s role in government is. I thought “raising awareness of physical fitness” was a perfectly acceptable thing for a first lady to do on tv.

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