HuffPost Live appearance

I appeared on Wednesday on the show HuffPost Live in a segment they call Community Sound Off where they have guests pick a Huffington Post article for discussion.

In addition to the two hosts, they had on a health blogger who had picked an article on the rising obesity levels in the US while I chose the article titled Science & God: Will Biology, Astronomy, Physics Rule Out Existence Of Deity?

The entire segment lasts under 12 minutes. The first part of the discussion deals with the obesity article and I make a comment on it at around the 6:30 mark before they switched to discuss the article that I chose.

I hate watching myself on these interview shows because there are certain things I would have worded differently and more precisely given more time to think things through. This is why I prefer the written word. But I do it in order to get the word out about my ideas and the subsequent discomfort is the price I am willing to pay.


  1. maxdwolf says

    No doubt we in the underclass do spend proportionately more on junk food, and we do do it for enjoyment. But there are real cost differences. It’s not easy (may well be impossible) to feed yourself on nothing but fresh produce on what you get with food stamps.

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