And now for something to cheer us up

Via Jerry Coyne, I came across this site that gives a series of photographs that ‘will restore your faith in humanity’ just in case it needed to be done.

I was particularly touched by the series of photos #20 showing the rescue of a small dog that got swept into a bay in Melbourne by high winds. I am a total sucker for animal rescue stories and hate it when animals die or are treated badly in real life or in fiction.

This is perhaps a good occasion to repost the dramatic video of an event that occurred in October 2006 when more than one hundred horses got trapped in a small patch of dry land as a result of a sudden flood in the Netherlands in which 18 horses drowned. Days went by and rescue attempts failed. The horses seemed to be getting desperate until four women decided to try a different approach.

The episode has been set to music but the sound kicks in only after a minute into the video.


  1. hotshoe says

    Isn’t that fine!

    I work with horses every day and I never would have had the courage to do what those four women did – to use their lead horses to entice the herd into following them. So easy for it to have gone wrong. I’m happy it has a perfect ending.

  2. ecchymosis says

    Great video. Thank you for sharing!

    When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes. ~William Shakespeare, Henry V

  3. M says

    You know, I get caught up in the other things going on in the other posts on FtB and I get a little upset. I forget thatbit is okay to relax and watch a man carry a basket of kittens to safety. I was also happy to see the all of the pictures, but I am a cat person pretty much always.

    Thank you very mucu.

  4. SherryH says

    That video was lovely. At first I thought the music was a bit over-dramatic, but as the video went on, it really fit with the triumph of bringing the horses safely through the flood waters. I don’t usually get emotional over scenes like this, but I’m tearing up now. Thank you for posting it.

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