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    This would never be allowed by the public in this part of the world (the Indian subcontinent). More so due to religion being a prevalent in society. While TSA’s actions are downright outrageous. We have something similar going on in Karachi, Pakistan(though not along the exact same lines).

    Due to increased incidents of bomb blasts, It was prohibited for two people to travel on a motorbike together (mainly because that was how bombs were being planted around the city with ease). This was implemented about two years ago. Since then, there has not been any notable change in bomb blast incidents.

    Its only the general public that suffers while criminals still find a way around the rules. I think whats happening here and what TSA is doing is not too different. They have found an easy way of not having to deal with the security threat. Taking real action requires a much higher level of commitment and effort. Why do so much hard work when you could just harass your own citizens and the majority will still see it as “a security measure” and only a handful will ever speak out about it.

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