1. kural says

    Grrrr!! That’s me gnashing my teeth in frustration. No coffee? OK. No Mano’s blog update? How about no oxygen?

  2. Jared A says

    Did you try jiggling the cord? How about power-cycling? Maybe your megahertz are running a little low. I’ll electronically wire you over a few if you simply provide me with your bank account details.

  3. says

    Hi all,

    Well, I am back online and posts will resume tomorrow. The logic board on my old computer had shuffled off its mortal coil and so I got a new computer. It was about time to upgrade anyway.

  4. says

    Ouch! My day job is Tech Support and doing remote assistance. Good to know you are capable of repairing your own computer. I hate having to remote into someones system because they cant find the “start” button.

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