RD is coming to an end. Be a part of our final episode.


After eight years, the Reasonable Doubts podcast is ending. The Doubtcasters just finished their final recording session in the studio, but there is still a chance for you to be part of the last episode. Email doubtcast@gmail.com with parting thoughts, memories about the show or stories about what the Reasonable Doubts podcast meant to you. Include an audio file and we’ll share it as part of the final episode (please get submissions in by Saturday Sep 12th). Thanks to all our listeners for all the support you’ve given us over the years!


  1. Atheist Max says

    I’m very sad this is over. It was my favorite podcast. As I became aware that 47 years being a Christian was just bullshit I needed help – I needed to understand how religion had destroyed my thinking for so long and how it had controlled me.
    You all provided a great amount of eduction and reflection.

    And it is too bad you are ending the show right now in particular because the world desperately needs help separating “Believers” from “The Belief”. The accusation of bigotry keeps so many from admitting how much they don’t like certain destructive tenets of religion – they are afraid of being called bigoted if they describe bad Koranic or Bible verses.
    But we all need to find ways to get beyond that. To hate the “Tenets of Bowling” is not to hate bowlers. To hate a prison is not to hate the prisoners.

    Anyway – if prayer worked, I’d pray for you to continue your shows. Alas, Goodspeed.

  2. Atheist Max says

    Oh – and for goodness sake, how did I leave this out – THANK YOU, SO MUCH!
    Your show really meant a lot to me.

  3. Kevin Wells says

    I’m sorry to hear that Reasonable Doubts is coming to an end, it has meant a lot to me over the past couple of years as I have gone through my deconversion process. It is the podcast that I turned to when I wanted a rational and thoughtful approach to atheism, not to mention one of the most entertaining podcasts I’ve come across.

    Thank you all for the work you’ve put in, and I would love to hear about any projects you will all be continuing to work on so that I am not missing out on your guys completely.

  4. Meri says

    This is really sad news. RD was the first podcast I listened to and still my favourite. Any chance you’re quitting to set up a new, even more awesome podcast?

  5. Jason Goertzen says

    Sad news, though I guess we knew it was coming. Thank you guys for the great work over the years on what was one of the best podcasts out there. I was excited every time I saw a new episode come out, and looked forward, especially, to “God Thinks Like You,” from which I learned a lot.

    Good luck to all of you in whatever else is keeping you busy!

  6. Stuart Weaver says

    This is quite a tragedy.

    Even more so given the lack of the DrProf in the latest run of episodes.

  7. Katamari says

    I am seriously upset that this show is ending. This was my favourite podcast, you guys were intelligent, funny, and well-spoken and you worked so well together. Thanks for broadening my mind. Thanks especially to Dr. Prof. Luke Galen who basically inspired me to go and do a PhD in the psychology of religion. I’m not exaggerating when I say this show changed my life a little bit :)

  8. andyflem says

    Ah well, we all knew this was coming…

    Thankyou, doubtcasters, for all the great work over the years. Reasonable Doubts was/is definitely the best podcast on the subject. Intelligent but not stuffy, uncompromising but not overly piss-takey. I am sad that it had to end.

    Best wishes for you all and thanks again.

    P.S. you should release a torrent of the complete series, and get them up on archive.org. They’re worth keeping.

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