Episode 137: Je Suis Charlie with guest Dan Fincke

This ones all about Charlie.

Interview: Daniel Fincke – The Reaction to Charlie Hebdo

Dan Fincke from Camels With Hammers joins us to defend Charlie Hebdo’s right to blaspheme and answer many of the criticisms we’ve heard over the past weeks.

Camels With Hammers Blog
Answering 16 of the Worst #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo Memes by Daniel Finke

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God Thinks Like You: What Causes Religious Extremism?

Dr. Galen walks us through the debate in psychology over what most influences one to join extreme religious groups.

Religion in the Face of Uncertainty 
Precis of the Myth of Martyrdom 
Morality and Conformity: The Asch Paradigm Applied to Moral Decisions 

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Polyatheism: The Enuma Elish part 1

The first of a series that explores the gods and heros of the Mesopotamian epic the Enuma Elish.

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  1. Bruce Murphy says

    Enjoy listening to your podcast every week but I find the layout of your website for the podcast confusing and tricky to find the link to the podcast because it seems buried under all the information about the show. Why not put a large ‘Download Podcast’ button near the top of the section on the left side? You could also put a smaller button to the upper left of each segment if someone chooses to only download a specific section (do many do this?).

    Sure, I could subscribe to the podcast but after listening to podcasts for many years I’ve never subscribed, I’ve always just gone to the website once a week or so to see if there’s anything new. Yes, I’m probably a dinosaur.

  2. weatherwax says

    I not only can’t get it to download, which I normally have no problem with, but I got a problem pop up add. One of those “there’s a problem with your computer” adds that opens satalite adds and that can’t be closed.

  3. Muz says

    He didn’t phrase it as such but I came away from a few of Scott Atran’s talks with the general feeling that almost anywhere you go there’s a certain number of disaffected young men looking for a cause to belong to and kill for. It’s broadly what I’d call the Taxi Driver principle (as in the film).
    I’m not sure if that made me feel better or worse. It certainly would explain a lot though.

    Actually ‘looking’ is probably not the right word for it. Not all seem to actively look for this. But, as mentioned in the show, they have the right properties for a reaction to such a cause, to use a chemistry analogy. The common factors seem to be a desire to belong and commit whole heartedly to something and righteous murder. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do about that.

  4. OverlappingMagisteria says

    I second Bruce’s suggestion to make the blog page easier to navigate – put the link to the full show first. I suspect most people listen to the full show, rather than the segments, so it makes sense to make that link the most easily accessible. It’s a nitpicky change, but good design does make a difference.

    Great show as always though!

  5. Matt Skaggs says

    As of right now, the main download link (“Download RD137”) points to an unusable file with the extension “mp33”. Anyone else having problems should be able to use the “entire episode” links that are in the description of the podcast. That worked for me.

  6. Anne Marie says

    I commented about this the last time the beard case came up but the medical reasons for not having a beard aren’t about vanity or minor skin complaints. Some men get pseudofolliculitis barbae if they shave. The treatment for that kind of awful rash of “razor bumps” (which is much more prevalent among black men) is to let the beard grow out, at least for several weeks. It’s obviously going to be easier to avoid by not shaving than any other method of prevention. The picture on Wikipedia shows how bad it can be and it can lead to infection or cause keloids if you don’t deal with it.

    I’m kind of annoyed that you guys perpetuated the idea that medical reasons for beards are ridiculous for a second time despite comments on the episode 132 that explained PB.


  7. says

    I’ve been a long time listener of the Reasonable Doubts podcast and have been a big fan of yours for years and have listened to almost every episode of your show but I was a bit disappointed in this week’s show. I was particularly very bothered by the way your guest seemed to compare anyone who was critical of Charlie Hebdo to rape apologetics. There are plenty of feminists out there who support free speech and condemned the Charlie Hebdo shootings and also found the Charlie Hebdo cartoons troubling so it seems a bit tasteless and unnecessary for your male guest to be comparing anyone who didn’t like the cartoons to blaming a woman’s clothing for why she was raped. Maybe I misunderstood his argument and I hope the guest will explain himself better, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for your male guest to be hijacking what is a personal and traumatic issue for many women to use it as a way to score points in his political argument.

  8. Shaman says

    I’m trying again a month later. Any chance of a link to a schedule? Need my fix of the ReasonableDoubtCast.
    When are you coming back?

  9. Shaman says

    I miss this show – so much religious news and no analysis anywhere else in the media.
    Please post a schedule so I know when you are coming back.
    PS – make it a two hour show. Nobody in the media is discussing all this religious stuff:
    ISIS recruiting, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz political religious nonsense on overdrive, murders of Atheists overseas, censorship of Ronald Reagan, Jr. FFR ads on CBS, NBC and ABC, rise of the Nones on college campuses, Atheists addressing CPAC for the first time, etc..etc…
    Atheism is all over the news all of a sudden. Where are you guys?

    Again – where is your schedule?

  10. Qaelith says

    Shaman — I don’t think there is a set schedule. They do episodes as they have both material and time. There is unlikely at this point to be a lack of material, so I’m guessing they’re all busy. That said, I too am missing the show. I was just looking today and noticed that we’re right at 2 months since the last episode, and no specials (Justin debates or whatever) to hold us over. I’m sure we’re all eager for the guys to find time to record a new episode. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a schedule, though. Most likely they don’t have much more of an idea than we do when life will ease up.

  11. Shaman says


    Thanks for letting me know how this show operates. It’s very helpful. But yeah, two months…wow.
    I love this podcast. I miss the sane conversation.

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